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Kevin Nash: Big Daddy Cool or Big Daddy Tool?

This blog is in response to the Kevin Nash interview that is making the rounds from In the interview, Kevin Nash referred to the smaller wrestlers as “vanilla midgets”. In the interview he specifically mentions Chris Benoit and Eddie Guererro. He also refers to Wrestlemania XX as the night that wrestling “died”. As you recall Wrestlemania XX ended with Benoit and Guererro embracing as they both successfully won world titles. Nash went on to talk about how wrestling hasn’t been able to touch other successful eras of the past. He also makes other ignorant comments including porno references, but I refuse to give him the satisfaction of repeating any of it. If any of you want to read his comments, they are not hard to find.

The interview has started getting all sorts of backlash from fellow wrestlers as well. Chris Jericho tweeted: "Funny how @realkevinnash says wrestling “died” when Benoit and Guerrero were champs-Yet the worst year for WWE biz was 95 when he was on top."

Kevin Nash had this to say in his response: "Once again the puppet master pulls the marks strings .Knew Jericho was a closet mark. First one eliminated on a bulls--t sing show...REALLY!!"
Jericho then hit Big Kev with this gem: "Hope @realkevinnash doesn’t tear his quad tweeting! #typicalbigman #nwothirdwheel."

Thanks to Steve Carrier by the way for keeping on top of all this and giving us the 411.
Since then, Roddy Piper has chimed in with responses as well as Chavo Guererro Sr. You can read what they had to say on this very website if you haven’t already.

These comments that Kevin Nash has made have pissed me off and made me hate him more now than I ever did. While his comments don’t surprise me in the slightest, they have touched a nerve. IN FACT, KEVIN NASH, I’M CALLING YOU OUT. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT A VANILLA MIDGET CAN DO. ***Don’t worry everyone. I can run very fast. Not that I would need to with his knees***

Kevin Nash has always had his head in the clouds as he has made a lot of money being the big goof that he is. He road coattails on his way to the top and never looked back. Shawn Michaels and the WWE created a monster: A monster by the name of Big Daddy Tool.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about the right to express your opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinions as well as the right to speak them freely. The problem I have is when people can’t or don’t supply any facts to back up their opinion(s). Does Nash supply any numbers to back up his statements? No. Does he know something that we don’t? I doubt it. He chose to spew his garbage and he didn’t care who it bothered. I can respect that in one sense, but my anger won’t allow much leeway on this. There is one glaring issue that Nash didn’t really seem to pick up on or care about: Both of these “vanilla midgets” are dead and what you said was disrespectful.

I will go on record saying that I have made some jokes or ignorant comments about Chris Benoit. I have made a few on this website. However, that was against Benoit the person, not Benoit the wrestler. I respect the work of Benoit and Guererro immensely. They were 2 of the very best workers to ever grace the squared circle.

Let’s get back to Mr. Nash. You’re a big guy. You’re what 6’10”, 275-300 lbs? Aren’t most wrestlers “midgets” to you? Where do you draw the line? Where is your YOU MUST BE THIS TALL TO RIDE THIS RIDE sign? Here is a fun fact for you Mr. Nash as I continue to use that term loosely: The average height of males in the U.S. is approximately 5’9”. Chris Benoit was 5’11”, 220 lbs and Guererro was just under at 5’8”, 228 lbs. Let’s look at some of the past great champions. Bret Hart: 6’1”, 234 lbs. Ric Flair: 6’1”, 243 lbs. HBK: 6’1”, 225 lbs. Kurt Angle: 5’10”, 240 lbs. I can go on. “Macho Man” Randy Savage (OoooooH Yeeeeeaaahh, Dig it!!): 6’2”, 237 lbs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 6’2”, 252 lbs. I’ll stop there, but I could go on. As you can see, most of these greats are a little above average in height with the weights varying. Some of these guys were more muscular than others. My point here is this: Were these guys giants? My answer would have to be no. Yet these names I mention were some of the biggest draws in the history of the business. Those are facts. C’mon Mr. Nash. Shawn Michaels? One of the greatest of all time was also one of the smallest. Please Mr. Nash, when you get a second out of your day, I would love to hear what makes up a “vanilla midget”.

There is a flipside to all of this and this might be unpopular to say, but there does have to be a limit when it comes to the heavyweight title. As much as I love and respect Rey Mysterio, he is just way too small to be WHC. This is my opinion of course, but I believe it is a strong one. In the interview Mr. Nash does call that the “vanilla midgets” are good workers. What made guys like Benoit, Guererro and even Jericho great is the fact that they could work with anybody of any size and still make it look believable. When you start getting into the lighter weight superstars like a Mysterio or a Sin Cara, you lose that believability because they rely on their opponent to set them up or hold them in place for a lot of their moves. The bigger their opponent, the less realistic it becomes.
My only solution, and it might shut Mr. Nash up, but I highly doubt it is to come up with multiple weight classes similar to the UFC. How about a lightweight, middleweight and Heavyweight class? I think it could work and it would be different.

This blog is too long (I try, I really do) so I will wrap it with this and I will address Mr. Nash.
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You’ve ruined enough locker rooms to know that. Unless you can go back to 1995 and save the business YOU nearly destroyed when you were “the guy”, then shut your mouth. You are the most forgettable and worst champion in WWE history. The nWo didn’t need you to be great or groundbreaking either. You were, as Jericho hash tagged, the nWo third wheel.

Last, but not least, here are a couple of great Mr. Nash memories:

Till Next Time…Peace out Y’all!!!