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The Miz To Become the World Heavyweight Champion?

I'd like to tell Chris Clarke a thanks for the idea for this blog, and after reading his I have to agree he brings up some good points. I also saw a comment about The Miz becoming a Grand Slam Champion. This was very interesting, actually. If you think about it, The Miz can become a Grand Slam Champion very soon. All he needs is the World Heavyweight Championship, and I see that in the near future.

But it's a very curious thing. How can he accomplish this and when will he capture the Blue Brand's greatest prize? I see no reason to keep him heel after his Intercontinental Championship run. He's been a heel since when? 2006 back when he was the host of Smackdown? Yeah, it's time for a change.

I say when Dolph Ziggler wins the World Heavyweight Championship, have Sheamus's rematch on Smackdown and when Ziggler's about to win, have The Miz come out and get him Disqualified. Now, now, this may not be fair to Sheamus but hey, he's had his run. Let Sheamus feud with Barrett or something. Anyway, I think The Miz should then go after the World Title.

Here are some reasons why I think he should be able to go for the big belt:
- He's a former WWE Champion
- He DOES NOT need to end up like Swagger or Morrison did and be lost in the shuffle of things.
- He's got the charisma and I'm sure as a face, he could bring the audience to love him.
- His mic work is superb and his in-ring work is above average, but not fantastic.
- He's got the superstar look
- He has the experience with WWE to where he's on great terms to become the champion.
- WWE has faith in him, or they wouldn't have starred him in a movie.

Need any more reasons? I have quite a few more to list but I don't want to take up too much space on here. Smile

Back to how he could win it, I'd love to see Ziggler cash in at Night of Champions and have The Miz drop the belt there to a young guy like Tyson Kidd or Justin Gabriel or heck, Drew McIntyre! He's a face now, right?

If you don't believe me that he deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and that he deserves to have Grand Slam Champion under his belt, as he already has the Triple Crown Champion title, then I'd love to hear how you can prove those reasons I listed wrong.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

As always,
Stay Classy!

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