Adam wilkinson

Intercontinental Championship Bringing Out the Best in The Miz

Since The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship victory at RAW 1000, change seems to be in the air.

Not only was his title match against Christian at RAW 1000 a decent contest, but the pair has successfully backed up their performances against one another twice since then.

This is a feature which has not been associated with the Intercontinental Championship in a long time.

And it has a lot to do with the performances of The Miz.

Since his return to action at Money in the Bank, and his title win at RAW 1000, The Miz certainly looks to have improved, in the ring and as a character.

But with this has also emerged an air of legitimacy – a feeling that The Miz is now more than ever one of company’s go to men.

Something The Miz has obviously worked very hard to prove in the last six months.

Unlike his predecessors to the title, Cody Rhodes, The Big Show and Christian, The Miz has also managed to place his wrestling ability ahead of his speaking ability.

In the past, the likes of Cody Rhodes seemed to somehow dodge title defences through a series of weekly promos on SmackDown.

These allowed the WWE Universe to maintain their interest in Rhodes without actually watching him wrestle.

The same could also be said for The Miz’s WWE Championship reign, during which he was magically able to keep the title through an absence in the ring or through cowardly tactics in it.

However, since his return to action this has changed.

Gone are the days of constant, long, boring promos.

Gone are the days are repetitive title defences marred by count outs and disqualification victories.

At least hopefully.

Its clear The Miz has plenty of potential to capture and sustain a main event position in WWE.

Although winning his only WWE Title via Money in the Bank, and underhandedly defending it following, the Intercontinental Championship may be The Miz’s pathway back to the very top.

Of course, it is too soon to tell at this point, yet all the evidence is certainly mounting in The Miz’s favour.

A new look, and a step backwards, may be exactly what The Miz needs to reassert himself back into serious world title contention.

Therefore, with that said, the WWE Universe may have to look no further than a potential Summerslam title match with Christian to confirm this.

But before then however, look no further than RAW this week to witness what will surely be another great spot between the pair.

In 2012, change is certainly in the air for The Miz.