Adam wilkinson

Would Wrestlemania 29 be the Same Without The Undertaker?

Before anybody starts ranting and raving about me being crazy and asking me where this is coming from, hear me out? I don't like the thought of a Wrestlemania without The Undertaker either, but it is about time. All great things must and do come to an end as much as we don't want them to.

If you happened to read the article posted on this site as well as some others, it was interaction with a fan that has started the thoughts in motion along with doubt. When The Undertaker was at an FCW event, a fan waiting for an autograph told The Undertaker that like him, he attends Wrestlemania every year. The Undertaker then responded, "Well don't make any plans for April". Shortly thereafter he made the remark, "We'll see what happens". Read into that what you want. Was The Deadman just saying that as a swerve? Would this necessarily be a bad thing? Here are my thoughts on the subject.

First off I'd like to say that I love The Undertaker. He is way up there on my G.O.A.T list. The guy has given us everything he has had for 20+ Years now and he has nothing left to prove. He has had THE #1 character gimmick ever. Nobody will ever be able to take a character to the heights that Taker has. He has lived and breathed the character and its evolvution over the years. Did I like them all? No. I could have done without the American Bad Ass version, but I understood the need for a change and he played it well. If you read the articles about his FCW appearance and how he was with charity that the event was being held for, it would confirm what I have always heard about Taker. He is a class act and one of the most loyal and respected men to ever lace up a pair of boots. Have you ever heard about any backstage issues with him? If anyone brings one up, it would be the first I have heard of. He has always done anything and everything he can for the business and he has done it almost better than anybody. I could go on and on. That is how highly I think of him as a fan. I know I am far from the only one.

I know it has been reported that The Undertaker was going to be making a return to TV in November and all I can ask is why? What more do we need to see from him? Does he need to pass the proverbial torch on to someone else before he retires? I know he would put someone over if it was good for business, but I don't think it is necessary. In my opinion he has already had the perfect ending to his career that he can easily ride off into the sunset on. That was at last year's Wrestlemania with HHH and HBK. What better way to remember Taker's last match. The story he told with HHH and HBK that night was about as perfect as you can possibly get. The Deadman could end with a perfect 20-0 record at Wrestlemania, having some of the best matches that anyone has ever seen on wrestling's biggest stage. 21-0? 20-1? I don't like the sound of those one bit. 20-0 is perfect. The sight of The Undertaker out of character and helping HHH up the ramp with HBK was great. That would be the perfect match and moment to end things on.

Michelle McCool, The Undertaker's wife, is pregnant and I thought I heard that she is due anyday. I may be wrong on that, but it's irrelevant. The point that I am making is that it's time for Taker to stay home and be with his family. I think he has more than earned that right and I think that is what he wants to do. As I stated earlier, there is nothing more he needs to prove or do in the wrestling business. He has put his body on the line and will probably feel it for the rest of his life. He did that for us and I can't thank him enough for it.

So how does the WWE make it official? If it is truly the end for The Deadman, Raw 1000 appearance aside, how do they go forward without him at a Wrestlemania? For one thing, they will still have The Rock there and maybe even Stone Cold by then, so who knows? I'm not concerned that the WWE will not be able to pull of a great Wrestlemania just because The Undertaker Match isn't on the card.

How about this scenario? Your first inductee to the WWE 2013 Hall of Fame Class is.....The Undertaker! I think this would give him the great, emotional and very classy send off that he deserves.

Whenever or wherever his career finally comes to an end, I will miss him performing. I remember seeing him in WCW as Mean Mark Callous where he used the heart punch as his finisher. He was so white and he this bright red hair. Looking back on it now, who would've thought this huge, glowingly white skinned, red haired man would transform into the greatest character that wrestling has ever seen? There will never be another Undertaker. Thank you for everything Deadman. The time has come for you to Rest...In...Peace...

Till next time...Peace out Y'all!!