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WWE's Obsession With Social Media and Celebrities

It's a classic romance story. The shy, dirty, tomboy and the princess covered in a diamond dress and beautiful pearls. Wait...Wrong Story? Oh....Awkward...

Seriously though, I think WWE has become a little obsessive with the Social Media in general, but none more so than Twitter. 2-3 years ago, I doubt WWE fans even used twitter to talk about the show. Now that's sometimes all they use. Heck, that could be what they use to hear updates from the shows if they don't have cable TV.

Now I understand interacting with the fans is something VERY important if you want to keep your audience, but shoving it down our throats is the wrong direction to go as well. I could go down a road where I rant about WWE. There are many things to rant about, but many more to praise the company for. I try to stick to those. Smile

But going back to Twitter...

The entrance titles with the superstar's name even has their @CMPunk, for example purposes. It seems it's gotten to the point where WWE has become too reliant on social media and not on wrestling ability in superstars and quality of the matches. I'll admit, they're picking it up lately. Sheamus vs. Bryan on RAW was a great match, but it's something that we can't just see once and be satisfied. We want more of the street fights and the brawls and less of the dancing and Charlie Sheen skyping.

Now there's two different sides of the spectrum to view this from.

1. The Casual Fan - Watches RAW every Monday night and cheers for the guys who win, like John Cena, Brodus Clay, Sheamus, and so forth. They enjoy the social media parts because they feel it helps WWE reach a broader audience.

This fan would bring up good points. It does broaden the audience. But think about it like this. You can give somebody a free Ferrari, but if there's no engine and no tires, what can they really do with it?

2. The Hardcore Fan - This includes nearly everyone on this website. These are the people that like to rebel against whatever the company is doing at one point in time and mostly like the heels and the rising stars like Ziggler, Rhodes, Barrett, Punk, Bryan, and so forth. These are the fans that you see with "CENA SUCKS" posters.

This fan also brings up good points. These new stars need to be pushed and expressing ideas with other people is a good thing.

Now going back to WWE's obsession with social media sites, let's talk about this marvelous thing called Tout...

Tout, if you haven't heard of it, is a video sharing website where you can upload 15 second videos, which is basically the video version of a Tweet. I don't think it's necessary to spend minutes of the show on watching fans, but eh. If it works, it works.

Facebook used to be a huge thing for WWE, but it was quickly replaced by Twitter. WWE uses Facebook to send out news from RAW and Smackdown, about half an hour after it happens, so it's not too accurately timed.

Anyway, this blog jumped all over the place and I think it's time to end it. Tell me in the comments, is WWE too focused on social media? Do they need to change things up and focus mostly on wrestling?

As always,
Stay Classy.

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