Adam wilkinson

Could a Orton/Ziggler Feud Work?

Dolph can't fight with Jericho forever, definitely with Jericho leaving on the 14th of this month. So with that being said, after they are done, Ziggler needs to start looking for yet another guy to put him over, And that leads me to Randy Orton.

Randy's heel turn is now out of the picture.With the recent Punk turn, I see no reason to turn the legend killer heel anymore.

So since that's not happening anytime soon, now the question is what to do with him now that he's back?.

I'm not to eager to see Orton back in the title picture so fast, but it's better than Del Rio and Sheamus over and over again.

If Randy wins the title, which I think he will by the time the Royal Rumble comes, or soon after that, I would love for Randy to be the guy Dolph cashes in on.

I believe that will be quite the feud to see, I believe Randy could really put him over. These two have some really good in ring chemistry, Just look at any past matches between them, they worked really well with one another. Dolph showed he could keep up with The Viper and could handle any thing thrown at him. If these two were to feud, I believe the promos between the two will be intense, and have us waiting to see what will be done or said next. Besides cashing in, It could start by Dolph doing the same thing he's been doing to Jericho, just taunting him until he strikes. And Ziggler's not one to back down, I could see him costing Randy a match or two down the road, and then possibly cashing in after Randy wins the title. I love the idea of this feud, I really believe it could boost Ziggler to bigger things. It would benefit Ziggler more, Randy's already out there, he has nothing to lose. He knows whether or not he wins or loses, at the end of the day people are still on his side. He will still have his title shots, and main event spots, so why not help put the young man over?

I believe this could work...don't you? Let me know what you think in that little comment box down below. Smile

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