Adam wilkinson

Is NXT Helping or Hurting the WWE?

I have been debating this topic for a while as I wait for some wrestlers to make their debut that have been toiling around in NXT/ FCW or wherever. I realize that there is probably a need for a "minor league" system to some degree, but is it actually working? I mean, what happened to the good old days of wrestling schools followed by independents?
What has NXT really done for the WWE? What is the point of having a NXT World Champion? Where exactly are they going with FCW and/ or NXT? I ponder these questions as I wait for guys like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and Bo Dallas to make their debuts.

Let's face it. The current roster of Raw and Smackdown could use some shaking up. At the very least, why don't they just combine the RAW and SMACKDOWN Rosters for Mondays (as Jeremy Harden brought to question in his blog yesterday), and then use Fridays to run a 1 or 2 hour NXT/ FCW show. As of right now, we really aren't even able to see the NXT product to see what these young guys have to give or how they are progressing. I believe it is on international television syndication, but not in the states? What? Why?

I like to believe that the WWE powers that be know what they are doing, but they could definitely trim some of the fat that they have on their roster. Do we need to see Kane anymore? The Big Show and his illegal finishing maneuver? As much as I think that comedy has it's place in wrestling here and there, I think it can be done with better talent. Do we REALLY need to see Santino anymore or Hornswoggle? I'm sure there are plenty more names I can throw out there that contribute nothing of value to the roster or they would be seen on television more. Ezekiel Jackson? Mason Ryan? David Otunga? The list goes on and on and everyone has their ideas as to how they would make the finished product better. My point is this. If they are not going to bring these guys up, if they are just going to wrestle dark matches, how about letting us at least see them? I would love to see the NXT shows. From everything I hear, the WWE is just loaded with young talent that have very bright futures. So only other countries get to see them on a regular basis? barely even acknowledges NXT at all now. You used to be able to watch the shows there. Now nothing.

Don't even get me started on the guys they have already screwed up on from NXT. Michael "We can't use the last name Hennig" McGillicutty? How about Low-ki/ Kaval? Husky Harris? Derrik Bateman, who actually won the Redemption season, has barely seen the light of day? Why do they go through all of the trouble with these guys and then the WWE can't figure out what to do with them once it is decided that they are "ready"? Pardon me for being confused with the whole process. How many weeks did we hear about Brodus Clay coming? We saw vignettes, the whole nine. He was supposed to be this monster, this wrecking machine. Instead we get The Funkasaurous? Don't get me wrong, I am one of the few who actually like Brodus, even in this gimmick, but why did we get the run around? Isn't that just insulting the intelligence of the WWE Universe?

As I close out this blog it was not my intention to raise more questions and not supply any answers. I am going to rely on you guys for that. Let's think about this blog and toss some good ideas around and get some good discussion going.

Till NXT time, Peace Out Y'all!!