Adam wilkinson

If We Can, Why We Need to Vote Stephanie McMahon for GM

With the recent poll on, it's asking us who should choose the next Smackdown GM. Either the WWE universe or the board of directors. The Board only has 15% and we have like 80 I think. With that, I'm sure it will be a poll of some sort on RAW asking us to vote. If Stephanie McMahon's name pops up, here's why we should pick her.

1. Smackdown will be watchable again.

Ok right now Smackdown just sucks, I don't even watch it weekly like I used to. Mainly because, I know I'm not going to miss anything important. And half the time they are just showing stuff from RAW.

When Stephanie was the GM of SD, she brought in ratings and kept the show alive. Most of the time people were watching Smackdown instead of RAW. Not saying it beat RAW down and stuff just saying I was personally interested in what Stephanie was gonna do next instead of Eric.

2. Matches:

Stephanie made some great matches when she was GM. She didn't pull a Teddy and always had Tag Teams main eventing.

3. Crowd Reaction:

Whatever Stephanie did or said always had the crowd pumped and on their feet. I mean just look what happened last week on RAW. She returned and the crowd went crazy, and she proved that she hasn't missed a beat on the mic either. When she talks you listen, she kept our attention. We need someone we want to listen to and want to watch. Sorry Teddy but some of us just don't wanna see you. Sorry Vickie I love ya, but I want you to benefit the entire show and not just Dolph. Sorry Foley, I just don't want to hear your cheap pops.

Well those are the reasons why I think we should pick Steph. And as always you can disagree with every single one of them. But I would just for a change, like to tune in to Smackdown and not know what to expect and have a good show, then tuning in to tag matches and previous RAW promos. Wouldn't you?