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Is Randy Orton's Timer Ticking Too Fast?

I think we can all say here that Randy Orton has had one heck of a career already. He's the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, a former WWE Champion, World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion, and a former Royal Rumble winner.

With all that being said, he is easily one of the top 10 superstars of this century, so far. But the question I'm here to answer is..

How much further does Randy Orton go?

Well I'll repeat the first statement of my blog. He's already had an amazing career in WWE. He will probably headline a Hall of Fame ceremony one day. He's reached heights some superstars can't even imagine. But with the recent failure of drug testing and his rustiness of carrying a belt recently, how much more does Randy Orton have to give before he's accomplished everything?

Well one thing I think would do no good, and it didn't do too much good for Cena, would be winning Money in the Bank. Sure, it's nice to win the big briefcase, but he's guaranteed a title match sooner or later, anyway. As is Cena.

But with all this considered, I see Orton being the one to break Ric Flair's title record. I wouldn't bet against seeing him get to 18 or 20 championship reigns. Some say he hasn't earned that right, but hey! Who said Ric Flair did when it happened? I wasn't alive when he was in his prime, but nobody thought he would reach it and certainly nobody thought that he would be as legendary as he is.

Who knows? In 15 years, Orton could be that guy that everybody wants to see back for one last match. Everybody thinks of Hogan --> Rock --> Cena. Orton could easily take that spot if he were to become the face of the company. I could see it happening. If Cena gets hurt, Orton's THE man of the company. If it happens to go that way, will he stay there or will he fade back into Cena's shadow when Mr. Fruity Pebbles returns?

Anyway, the question I'm asking is this.

Is Randy Orton finishing up his accomplishments, is his Timer Ticking Too Fast, or is he just getting started and there are much larger things planned for The Viper?

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