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Superstars Who Need To Get It Together Before It's To Late

If I had to name a few guys that were going to be released soon, then it would have to be everyone on this list. I could be wrong about every single guy, this is just what I think.

So, the majority of these guys are pure talent that is just being thrown away, while others, I ask myself why are they even here?

So let's begin with the categories of:
•Can be Saved
•Has no chance
•Even I don't know

1. Drew McIntyre: (Can be saved)
I've been defending this guy since day one of joining this site. This guy is a walking talent, had to be to catch the eye of the boss. But Vince if you like him so much, why aren't you using him to your advantage. This guy could be making you big money. A lot of you might disagree, but that's only because he hasn't been given the time to show it to you. I believe this guy could be in the league of what Rhodes and Ziggler are doing right now. Look back at some of his old matches and promos when he was actually being used. The guy can work both the mic and the ropes, so why isn't he being used?

2. Evan Bourne: (Has no chance) honestly by the end of the year or early 2013, I think this guy will be gone. I mean he is fun to watch in the ring but other than that, what does he really have to offer?. And also if he fails another test he'll be outta WWE faster than you can blink.

3. Alex Riley: (Can be saved): with the recent events between him and Cena, I don't know about this guy. I do think he can be saved though. He didn't do bad with Miz, some things he said on the mic didn't always make sense, but he was good. I think if more time was spent with him, and he just stays away from Cena, all should be good with him. After all he was on the verge of a push.

4. Sin Cara (Even I don't know): I started to put has no chance, but for some reason I feel he will feud with Mysterio. With Rey showing him that he's the king luchador. But what I do know is, homeboy better learn some English and learn the ropes of American wrestling or he will be outta here. Despite him being HHH's pick, if you're a fail then you're just a fail. I think way to much hype was put on this guy. And lately the crowd doesn't even seem to care when he's around. I know for me, that his matches are my bathroom breaks and time to prepare some snacks.

5. Ezekiel Jackson: ( Even I don't know): Just like the Cara thing, I wanna say has no chance. But for some odd reason, I have this feeling WWE is gonna use him for something. Maybe turn him heel again.

6. Jack Swagger: (NEEDS TO BE SAVED): Come on WWE, this is one of your former world champions. Why aren't you using him? His current losing status makes no sense whatsoever. I say give the all American, American the U.S title. He could role with it, and make himself known again.

7. Trent Barreta: (?)....who?

8. Antonio Cesaro: (Can be saved):
Drop the horrible entrance theme and Aksana and he could actually go somewhere. His ring work isn't bad, I haven't heard him on the mic yet, I need to go find some videos and watch. But other than that, I think he can be saved.

9. Camacho: (Has no chance) I don't really see him making it through the rest of the year.

10. Hunico: (hmm): I'm stuck between all three categories. I think if they give him a good storyline that could probably save him, but other than that he'll probably be out with his partner.

*Bonuses that weren't on the List*

• Mason Ryan: (you can't full me Bastia, I know that's you)/(Can be saved) but on a serious note, I think if given the right timing and storyline, he could be a killer heel in the future.

• Ted Dibiase: (Can be saved) he keeps getting hurt before he can even show us what he's got. If this little injury pattern continues, they'll make no use of him and just kick him out. Ted did great as a heel by himself, bring that back.

• Tensai: (Can be saved) I actually don't see him be released at all, because when someone wants Cena hurt or something the first guy they put in the ring with him is Tensai. But he can be saved from his Tensai character. Just needs to be repackaged thats all.

Well there ya go, thats who I think is in trouble. Who do you think is in trouble?

p.s. I just had to use this thumbnail! Click it to see it better.

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