Adam wilkinson

The Reason John Cena's Career May End Soon

Has this topic intrigued you? I had hoped it would. Most of you say he'll be the poster boy for another 5 years. You know, I would say that as well. Thing is, John Cena's been dedicated to the business for 10 years, nonstop.

Let's just realize something, superstars get burned out. Cena's not hit that point yet. But he will soon. And I fear he's waiting too long to take a break, to the point something will snap(maybe literally) in a few years and he will simply not be able to recover.

What will the WWE do without the #1 guy? What would WWE have done if Hogan got injured in the mid 80's? What would WWE had done is Stone Cold and The Rock got seriously hurt during the Attitude Era? I consider today's "era" the "Social Era" because so much emphasis is put on social media.

Now back to John Cena, I'm not predicting anything, I'm just telling you that if John doesn't take a break, he's gonna get sick of doing it day in and day out eventually and when that happens, it'll be hard for him to come back. Look at Chris Jericho. He spent what? 10 years straight in there? Same as Cena about and Jericho got mega burned out. Thank goodness he was able to find the need to return.

I'm not so sure it would be the same way with John Cena if it happened to him. He doesn't seem like the kind of person to have a second run. Just a long prime.

Let's take a look at the facts.

1) John Cena has been in WWE for a decade now.

He's not going to live forever. He breaks down just like any other man. And this amount of time, along with his divorce, could break him. I pray it doesn't for the sake of WWE, but I see it happening at some point.

2) John Cena hasn't had the best luck in life.

John's dealing with a divorce right now and I know that's stressful on him and distracting. He manages to keep focus in-ring, however. But how long will that continue to last?

3) John's not Superman.

John's human. Just saying, if everybody else has super pressure and breaks in the business, so will John. He's no exception to the fact that when you can't take it, you get out.

I hope I left you with some ideas of how John Cena's career may end soon from lack of real-life stability and the fact that he's been dedicated for a decade.

Thanks for reading and as always,
Stay Classy.