Adam wilkinson

Why Cena Needs to Stay Out of the Title Picture

Just let me start off by saying, this is in no way a rant. Not even close.

But anyway, mainly because he doesn't need it. What's left for him to accomplish? I think he's made it to a point in his career where he doesn't need a title to be known. I mean the guy already mainevents EVERYTHING, what's putting a title on him gonna do?.

So, instead of just throwing this guy out there time and time again. Let him take some much needed time off or something. I'm the first to say I can't stand the guy, I really really can't stand him, but I will give the devil his due, he does deserve some time off for the things he has done for the biz. Even I can't take that away from him.

Anyway, but all this work is gonna catch up to him and he will burn out sooner than later. If we're tired of same old thing, then maybe just maybe he is to. They can put him in the title picture every so often just to make him a threat, but just please don't give it to him. There are other guys who could use that spot. Some of you are quick to say "oh he hasn't held the title in a year" etc etc. The reason being because he doesn't need the title. The title won't make him anymore than he is. He is the top guy he is the poster boy and go to guy. He doesn't need a title around his waist to prove any of that.

Also we don't need another Rock vs Cena feud. That's over and done now, let it stay that way. Give us something fresh and new, not something old that's been done before. We already know its gonna be Rock 1, Cena 1 when they fight again and we don't need a tie breaker. So leave that where it ended, at last years Wrestlemania.

I don't understand WWE bringing up old feuds sometimes. I know some old feuds are good enough to bring back up, and the Cena and Rock one was a good one, and yes it will draw lots of money and stuff I know that, but WWE should teach what they preach. if they're gonna promote it being "once in a lifetime" let it stay that way, don't make it so predictable or go back on your word.

When Rock wins the title, let him defend against Punk, Bryan, someone other than Cena. Rock and Cena aren't the only ones that can draw money. If they (WWE) would allow other guys to prove that, they could be the ones bringing in the big bucks to.

But regardless of my opinions, both of these things will happen. Rock vs Cena II and Cena winning the championship, which makes no sense to me whatsoever. But what do I know? just a silly kid right?

Well, just a little short blog to voices my opinions on things. Disagree if you will, I appreciate the feedback, good or bad. Makes me a better blog writer.