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Can the WWE Keep Us Entertained for Three Hours?

I know your first thought was "No, they couldn't even do it for two, neither less three." and that has been what I have been saying since day one one of them announcing this.

WWE was already kinda in between a rock and a hard place. And in my opinion, this three hour thing is just making it worse.

So here's a few of my opinions on how to keep us entertained.

1. Throw those younger guys out there: we are sick and tired of Cena always being the mainevent. Give me Rhodes, give me Ziggler give me Tyson Kidd, give me someone other than superman.

2. Let the WWE Champion mainevent the PPV and Show: Like what's even the point of Punk being Champion if he's not the mainevent?. Like for the last 1000 PPV's, and a few of the shows, Cena has been the in the mainevent and I just don't understand that.
I get he's the poster boy and what not but come on, throw your champ out there.

3. Give us longer matches: The majority of the show is taken up by ads and backstage segments or in ring segments. The WWE now has more than enough time to put these guys out there and show us what they're made of.

4. Give the Divas an actual match: Once again, WWE has more than enough time to give these girls a match. At least five minutes I say. I mean how can you showcase your talent in 30 seconds? Right, you can't. Don't make women out to be a mockery WWE, because we are so much more than that. And when I get there, be prepared to hear my roar.

5. More interesting story-lines and feuds: At the moment the newest and most fresh one is with Punk. I'm cool with that. Now give me a Tyson Kidd storyline, give me a Rhodes storyline, give me a Triple H turns heel and goes power crazy storyline. Give me a Jericho vs Ziggler feud. Don't give me the same Cena BS.

6. Give us more title defenses: We are sick of seeing the same guy as champion. Example: Santino, I want someone who will actually fight to keep their title and make their name be known. We don't want a champion who only defends every few months. Make Miz fight for his title, make Layla fight for hers, make Kofi and Truth defend as much as they can. Make Santino fight or take it off of him. We don't want the same BS we've been getting lately.

7. Change some gimmicks: Wanna keep us tuning in and interested? Well change some of these guys and gals gimmicks. Since there's not much wrestling happen lately, all we ever so see is gimmicks. Well for starters, drop AJ's crazy psychotic gimmick. No ones gonna take her seriously as GM. Drop Tensai's stale gimmick. No one ever takes this guy seriously, give him something fresh and we might actually watch him. AW, take that stupid microphone away from him. I know it's his job to annoy us and what not, but it doesn't have to be in that manner. Although some things he says are funny, just get rid of it.

Well those are just a couple of my thoughts on how to get things off in the right direction, disagree if you will, and what's yours?

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