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CM Punk's Heel Turn a Slap in the Face

If you watched RAW 1000 this past Monday, then you might agree it was pretty safe to assume CM Punk has turned heel.

In no doubt one of the best main events in recent years, Punk not only took advantage of a wounded John Cena, but also hit The Rock with a big GTS to end the show.

But with all this now seemingly old news, it’s difficult to understand why WWE chose to turn Punk now.

Having held the WWE title almost nine months, Punk has beaten the likes of Alberto del Rio, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan.

It is with this that it seems almost offensive to think that Punk could not successfully, and competitively, carry the title into next year as a face.

During the last year, CM Punk has become the most recognised face in WWE, acquiring a fan base almost as strong as Cena and The Rock.

And it is with this fan base by his side that he has grown as a character and as a wrestler, literally establishing himself as ‘the best in the world’.

This is why a heel turn was unnecessary for Punk.

It has been a very long time since the WWE Universe has witnessed the WWE Champion turn heel mid-reign.

With this said, it is clear the WWE has great faith in CM Punk to continue to carry the title, but exactly how will he do this?

Several ideas have surrounded Punk in the last twenty-four hours regarding his future as a heel.

Will he side with Paul Heyman?

Will he keep the title until the Royal Rumble?

No one knows the answer to this except WWE obviously, yet it is with such suggestions that people seem to have forgotten exactly how good Punk really is.

Put blatantly, CM Punk does not need anyone to help him retain his title or to help him cleanly beat an opponent.

Not only that, but one only has to look no further than last year to realise the Straight Edge Superstar does not have any trouble getting heat from a crowd either.

Nonetheless, the prospect of Punk and Lesnar teaming, or even Punk and Bryan teaming, is undoubtedly a very exciting possibility.

A possibility which will push Punk to even further heights in his career.

Whether Punk does choose to align himself with a manager or faction time will only tell.

However one thing is definitely for certain, Punk will continue to assure the WWE Universe of great television for at least the next six months.

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