Adam wilkinson

Christian's Face Persona Not Doing Him Any Favors

Since returning from injury at Over the Limit, ‘Captain Charisma’ has not regained the momentum he had last year and earlier on in 2012.

Yes, the former world champion won the Intercontinental Championship on the same night he returned, however since then, Christian has received less television time and integrated back into the mid-card.

And the reason for this is simple – Christian’s character is more engaging as a heel.

Not only did Christian win the world title last year, he also main evented several pay-per-views and reached new heights in his career as a top heel in the company.

This past Friday on SmackDown however, the WWE Universe witnessed Christian host Daniel Bryan and AJ in an episode of The Peep Show.

There was no wrestling, no violence and the segment barely lasted five minutes.

It was sad to see for a man who has been with the company for more than ten years in total.

In fact Christian has not been in a program since his storyline with Cody Rhodes ended almost a month ago.

With this said, Christian is a man of great talent, strong personality and fantastic, all around wrestling and speaking ability.

Yet this ability is not showcased successfully when used as a face and this is because Christian as a face is very similar to other faces in the company.

Just like CM Punk and John Cena, Christian does not have a specific character as a face.

These three men are simply themselves in the ring and that has worked very well for Punk and Cena, but for Christian not so well due to his untimely return.

Amidst CM Punk’s eight month title reign and with Cena coming off the back of a program with Lesnar, Christian simply did not have the timing or drawing power to get over as a quirky, charismatic face.

This wasn’t helped by Christian’s immediate return to a struggling mid-card.

In comparison, Christian as a heel was very much over because his character was unique and desperately needed on a depleted SmackDown roster.

This is certainly not to say Christian’s best days are behind him though.

Yes, Christian has done it all in WWE, yet charisma and ability with a microphone has become a new form of muscle in contemporary WWE.

Thanks to CM Punk, gone are the days where big, bodybuilding muscle cats receive the biggest pushes.

And it is with this that it becomes safe to assume that Christian’s presence will always be welcome in a WWE ring.

With his talent and passion for the industry, Christian will remain relevant, similar to the way Edge was and Chris Jericho still is.

However for Captain Charisma to regain his 2011 momentum, WWE needs to free him from the mid card, the Intercontinental Championship and his current face character.