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Does Heath Slater's Interactions With WWE Legends Somehow Pay Off?

With the Raw 1,000 episode just a mere 24 hours away, we have seen WWE legends like Mick Foley, DDP, and even Vader return and make their presence known again. They've also made their presence known at the expense of the "One Man Band" Heath Slater.

Slater, once a former member of Nexus and The Corre, has become nothing more than a mere jobber in the past year or year and a half. He's taken the best of the best that these legends have dished out against him, and he even picked up a victory against Doink The Clown, and the legends have actually given Slater some praise.

The question on my mind is, after Raw 1,000, what do you do with Slater? Does he stay a jobber or does he earn himself a big name feud, or even a run with the U.S. or IC Title?

Personally, even though I'm not a fan of Heath Slater, I think he deserves some spotlight, and even a feud with Santino over the U.S. title. The two are somewhat similar as they've both been used as jobber talent within the company, until given some screen time. Both Santino and Heath Slater can work a good match together, maybe not a 5-star match, but at least a quality wrestling match. At least Heath Slater hasn't been a botch master like Sin Cara was when he first came into WWE. In the future years, the company will be revolved around guys like Heath Slater, and others who are either in their prime, or are still young talent and looking for exposure. I mean, like I said, I may not be a mega fan of Heath Slater, but from seeing his interactions with the legends over the past few weeks to a month, it's a shame WWE isn't using him, and guys like him, and we all hope with Raw going three hours from now on, the mid-carders/jobbers get more ring time.

If you've got an opinion, feel free to comment.

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