Adam wilkinson

Now is the Time for Sheamus to Shine

There have been a few blogs posted on here stating that it's time for Sheamus to change, time to turn him heel.

I couldn't disagree more. Sheamus deserved his push leasding up to the Royal Rumble last year and he definately deserved his spot winning the world Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 28.

During his title reign, which has only been about 3 months or so, his in ring abilities have gotten better and better. He has added White Noise to his arsenal, and he did also go through a spell of using a move not to dis-similar to the Razor's Edge, but the Brogue Kick is one of the most effective finishing moves in the business today. Much better than the cross arm breaker, which as I said before, just looks like Del Rio is holding their hand. Better than the swinging neckbreaker move which Sandow used to finish Ryder in a 2 minute sqush on Smackdown this week..

If WWE was ever to try and move away from the PG Rating, Sheamus could lead the charge with the Brogue Kick. It's definately the most aggressive move on the roster today. A lot of the current stars use submission, i.e. yes lock, cross armbreaker, anaconda vice. Big Show's WMD is a close second, but the aggressive style finishers could kick start a move to a more aggressive era.

And Sheamus should not turn heel. As with most superstars, a heel turn would work. In my last blog, I stated that a CM Punk heel turn would be a great angle for RAW1000, but Sheamus needs to stay babyface. We all saw on Smackdown how wild the fans in San Diego got when they thought the Brogue Kick was coming, they went crazy.

A lot of the faces on the roster at the moment aren't getting the reaction from the fans that WWE want, besides CM Punk. Rey got it on Smackdown this week, but that was to do with the fact that it was in his hometown.

Sheamus is getting a good reaction from the fans, in fact he is getting a great reaction. There are so many more Sheamus signs in the crowd lately. A lot more than other babyfaces, besides Super Cena of course.

To have Sheamus do a heel turn at this time would be pointless. Who would he turn heel on? Del Rio? Ziggler? Both heels. There are no other big faces in the World Heavyweight Title picture who Sheamus could turn heel on. There is Randy Orton of course, but he sooo needs to turn back heel when he returns.

A lot of opinions lately state that WWE needs heel champions and a lot more bigger name heels, so surely therefore, they need a big babyface to compete against other than Punk and Cena, who appear to be going against each other? Sheamus fits the bill perfectly and he is definately deserving of a long title run.

Another reason why we like him is because the Irish accent makes his promos that more entertaining. Who else would get away with telling Ziggler that he'll shove Ziggler's briefcase up his show off?? Nobody, but the Great White pulled it off because he is that good.

If there is no other reason why he is a derseving Champion, it's his ability to make others look good. Del Rio is average at best at the moment, and in my opinion, would be less than that if he didn't have Ricardo Rodriguez with him making us all laugh. Sheamus though is making Del Rio look good, which is a sign of a great worker.

In closing, Sheamus should remain the babyface World Heavyweight Champion because he can get into the ring with anyone, make them look good, he can pull off a great victory with White Noise followed by Brogue Kick and the fans love him for it.

They love him, if not for anything else, it's because the WWE hasn't forced him down our throats for years as the so called face of WWE, he's champ because he earnerd it.