Adam wilkinson

Who Should Be The Undertaker's Wrestlemania 29 Opponent?

Every year after the Undertaker extends his Wrestlemania streak after the excitement of a great match and the extension of a great accomplishment is made, people start to wonder who his next Wrestlemania opponent will be. This year is no different. The Undertaker made HHH his latest Wrestlemania victim in the End of An Era match at Wrestlemania 28. This was the third time that the Undertaker beat HHH at Wrestlemania. Now who will his next Wrestlemania opponent be?

A report came out a short while ago that the WWE has three possible opponents for the Undertaker. They are: The Rock, Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The WWE is leaving the choice up to him on who he would like to face. The two people that he doesn't choose to face would then face each other at Wrestlemania.

These would all be good opponents for the Undertaker to face. All three are big names who would draw a lot of fans and excitement towards the match.

The Rock

A match up of The Rock vs. The Undertaker would be huge. It would be a throwback to the Attitude Era. For the fans like myself who grew up watching wrestling during the Attitude Era, this would be a welcomed match up. The Rock would be the biggest threat to his Wrestlemania streak that he has ever had. The Rock would bring his millions of fans and even more fans who love to see Attitude Era guys face each other back in front of their TV screens to watch wrestling even if it is just for a short time.

It would be a match up of two men who are great for different reasons. The Rock is superb on the mic. His mic skills are second to none. He's talented in the ring as well. As for the Undertaker, he fears no one. He's fought the best and he's beaten the best. He and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the two baddest men in WWE history. And you know that The Rock isn't going to back down from the Undertaker so you have a match up of two of the all time greats on the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar

This would be an intriguing match up because of the beef that these two had about 10 years ago. Lesnar had quite the attitude and with the Undertaker being a locker room leader, the two had several off the television arguments. Despite this these two had a great rivalry back in 2002/2003. These two are still capable of putting on a good match. The build up to this match could be fantastic especially since the WWE would have Lesnar on TV almost every week since most if his appearances would be used during the build up to Wrestlemania.

John Cena

This would be a match up of the WWE's number one man against The Phenom. The Undertaker and Cena haven't had many matches against each other. They haven't wrestled against each other since 2003. If this match up happened then it would be the first time that the Undertaker has faced the company's number one guy at Wrestlemania. It would be his biggest threat towards his Wrestlemania streak.

If there is anybody on the current roster that could end the Undertaker's Streak, it is Cena. A victory over the Undertaker at Wrestlemania would wipe the bad taste out of Cena's mouth after his loss to the Rock at Wrestlemania 28. The build up to this match would be huge because of the fan base that Cena has built up over the 10 years he has been in the WWE. His kid followers would flock to see if their hero could do something that nobody else has done before and that's beat the Undertaker at Wreslemania.