Adam wilkinson

Champions Who Have Run Their Course as Champion

This year has been an usual year. Most championship reigns have been longer than expected. In some cases thats really good, and in other cases it's really bad. So for those that have ran their course as champion, it's time to step down and let other talent through.

There are only three champions that have run their course and is now time to give it up.

United States Championship:

1. Santino:
why was he ever champion in the first place?. He is supposed to be a comedy act, and that only. Santino does not need a title that he does not defend nor take pride in himself. You know how many other talents that I could name of the top of my head that could be holding that title and making a name for themselves?.

Many such as:
Tyson Kidd
, guy has heart ( no pun intended) and has shown he's ready to move on in his career. This guy could really bring some true prestige to the title. He would actually defend it and give us a match worth watching.

Drew McIntyre: under used talent, this could really boost his career back into gear. Drew is a great talent and it saddens me to watch the WWE throw it away.

Jack Swagger: just like Drew, been on a bit of a rough road lately but at least he would be a good champion. He's the all American american, so why isn't the U.S. Title on him?.

Ryback, Ted Dibiase(before he got hurt), Justin Gabriel(work on mic skills), HECK! even slater! He's hella annoying but at least he would defend, he gets enough tv time to anyway.

But the list goes on people, but yet, they are all held back by a guy who should have never been champion in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Santino, but that doesn't mean he's the right guy for the job. He should just stick to making us laugh and that's it. Santino takes away all the pride and accomplishments away from anyone who has ever held that belt. He's made it a mockery and don't even get me started on that pathetic move he calls a finisher.

World Heavyweight Championship:

2. Sheamus:
Sorry Sheamus fans but he has also ran his course as well. In my opinion, Sheamus hasn't been a good champion. Not to say that he never has been, because he has. But it seems like ever since he won at Wrestlemaina, he just lost his edge in my eyes. Maybe if he was a heel champion I could see things differently but as a face he just has nothing to offer me.

So the guys that could take his place are as follows:

Randy Orton:
(Only if he is turned heel). I do not want, yet another face World Heavy Weight Champion. That was my point of putting Sheamus on the spot. We don't need another face champion, we already have six (every champion). Randy would be a great heel champion, doing anything in his power not to lose his title.

Wade Barrett: Coming up on a return soon, what better way than to keep your edge as heel then to not only take out the face of the Smackdown brand but his title as well. Wade has it all, especially the mic skills. Can cut great promos and has great in ring ability. This is my guy to come home and take the gold.

Chris Jericho: Hey, he's leaving soon so why not let him have one last run at it?. Jericho is a great WHC. WWE is slowing turning him face if you haven't noticed and that's not the way to go with him. Make him a powerful dominant champion. Hard to do when the whole crowd is chanting his name but he can pull it off. Always has, always will, you can never go wrong with Y2J.

Intercontinental Championship:

Sorry peeps, but it's true, Chrissy hasn't been all of a good champion so far. Hardly ever defends( if he does I'm sorry I don't watch SD enough to know) and I see no reason in keeping it on him.

Now here are his replacements:

Cody Rhodes:
Didn't get the brief case but put on a good show. Cody in my eyes is a better champion and makes you wanna watch him. He didn't defend as much as I would have liked, but thats because there was no one to defend against. But I have a feeling that if he gets his hand on the title again, he will take being Intercontinental Champion to new heights.

Drew McIntyre: yet another oppotunity coming his way to revamp himself. The guy has the talent, now all he needs is the chance to prove it.

Damien Sandow: quite annoying, but what heel isn't?. This is something I would like to see. I'm no fan, but I have a feeling he could do quite well. I'm in no rush for them to hand it to him now, but in due time, we shall see.

Guys that didn't make the list.

Bonus: IC
Rey Mysterio:
let's face it folks, this guy isn't getting a WWE or WHC tile shot anytime soon. Mainly because Vince doesn't like the thought of him carry either of those titles as I feel the same. So the only title I see him with is this one, or at least giving Cody(my pick to win it) a real opponent to defend it against. Maybe opening back up an old feud.

Bonus: WHC
Dolph Ziggler:
it's not his time yet. Let him carry that case around for a bit and have us wondering when and who he's gonna cash it in on. Don't make it predictable, give us something new for a change.

I also say it's not his time because if he became champion now, they're gonna make a fool out of the poor guy and he doesn't deserve that. Dolph has worked way too hard to have just a two month title reign; and that's what they are going to give him if they move him to fast.

Well anyway, those are my guys and opinions. Whose your's? And what's your opinion?. Should I just remain quiet and leave everything as is,or am I right? time for a change?