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Will a Dolph Ziggler - Chris Jericho Feud Work?

One of the greatest heels in history against who could be one of the greatest heels in history. Or Faces. Who knows? Well I'm here to discuss the possibilities of a Jericho/Ziggler feud and how it could play out.

I, for one, really enjoyed the segment on Monday Night Raw this past week. WWE put Ziggler out there to bash one of the all time greats and it makes him look stronger for doing it.

This could be the start of something great that Ziggler could capitalize on leading up toward late-fall of 2012. With his Money in the Bank briefcase, he's basically guaranteed to be a star one day, why not make him a bright one?

How I would have this go is they slowly build to something and Jericho faces Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. I'd love to see Sheamus lose it now, and Ziggler cashes in on Jericho. Bam. Feud starter.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho would be a great feud regardless of if the championship was involved, but it would give Sheamus a break from holding gold and it would give Jericho the opportunity to put over an amazing, young talent.

With Jericho's in-ring experience and Ziggler's near-master technique in-ring, these two could put on a match of the year, possibly. Something to go against the billions of matches CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have had.

I'd see this feud going from the RAW/SmackDown after NOC to probably TLC. Maybe a TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Title and having Dolph Ziggler come out on top after a cheap blow while Jericho's on the ladder.

I'll go back to the segment on RAW and say these two have chemistry. I don't like the fact that Jericho turned babyface, but I'm glad that if it were to happen, it happened against Dolph Ziggler.

These two are both great to watch and very entertaining and I'm curious to see what the WWE does with these two together. Very curious..

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