Adam wilkinson

Who Really Has a Motive to Cost Cena His Match?

There seems to be a lot of rumours regarding the big angle that is to happen at #RAW1000. A lot of these rumours tend to be about someone costing John Cena his match, therefore making Cena the first to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and lose.

Let's assume for the sake of this blog that these rumours are indeed true. Who could have the motive to cost Cena the title? (Assuming of course that Punk doesn't win outright, which is what I hope really happens)

Daniel Bryan
As much as he'll have his hands full with his marriage to AJ, he could want all the attention to be on him and his new bride. A good way to do this and to push Bryan and AJ as heels would be to cost Cena the match, therefore also setting up a good feud with Cena.

Big Show
Having lost to Cena at Money in the Bank and No Way Out cage match, he certainly has a score to settle with Cena. A good knockout punch at the right time could cost Cena everything. Are we ready for another Cena/Big Show PPV main event though?

C M Punk
Why not Punk himself? Maybe the answer to our top heel prayers has been staring us in the face the whole time. Punk could easily pull off the "I'm the best and don't neede to prove anything" gimmick. A good swift chair to Cena's face would set up a great heel run for Punk who would be an amazing heel.

The Rock
Personally, I think this Rock vs. Cena feud has finished. Rock won the match at Wrestlemania and it should be left there. Whether it is or not remains to be seen, but maybe Rock just wants to cost Cena another title match again for fits and giggles. Plus it would be good to have Rock vs. Punk if The Rock does follow through with his WWE title plans.

Wade Barrett
The Big Man is due for a return and needs a damn good impact moment to thrust him back into the heel spotlight. Who else better to attack than the kiddie's favourite Cena? His run against Orton made him main event material, so he would deserve a good run when he returns.

The Miz
For pretty much the same reasons as Barrett, he has returned (granted after a film) and needs a good push as a heel. His match teaming with Eve was pretty pointless and makes it look like Creative are pushing him in the wrong direction. Having Miz be the one attack Cena would be perfect for the guy who has gone from headlinging Wrestlemania to mid card filler.

John Laurinaitis
If HHH has his way, Johnny Ace will be gone soon from WWE. We've seen on this site that Laurinaitis has been attacking Cena in house shows and dark matches. Why not have him do that on RAW as a parting blow? After all, it was Cena who beat Show to have him fired, so it could mean payback's a b***h for Cena...?

and finally...

The New GM
The new GM of both RAW and Smackdown needs to start off with a bang. To have the new GM be a fan favourite who does nothing would be boring and the fans wouldn't like it. To have a heel GM who makes an impact straight away by costing Cena would be a great angle. They could even have the GM interrupt the match and distract Cena long enough to have Punk roll up for the win!

Again, this is all assuming the rumours are true, which would make it interesting if they are, but we'll just have to see.

I personally hope Punk just beats him outright. It would have to be a pinfall victory, because as we all know, WWE is allergic to making Cena submit, so that won't happen. No Anaconda Vice in the middle of the ring, but either way hopefully HHH will live up to his word and have the title reign go on a little bit longer. Fingers crossed...