Adam wilkinson

Could The WWE Build Around CM Punk

CM Punk is one of the most talented wrestlers that the WWE has today. He is a five time champion and tells it like it is. However, despite the fact that he is the current WWE champion, he hasn't been the main event on a pay per view since the Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay per view last December.

This raises the question: Can the WWE build around CM Punk. I'm not a CM Punk fan but I think they can. I don't believe the WWE has tried hard enough. It seems odd that the WWE would put the title around him for well over 200 days but not allow him to main event a pay per view. They always choose John Cena even though CM Punk is in the more important matches. By doing this the WWE is basically saying that even though they have faith to put the title around him, they don't have the faith to build around him.

In order for the WWE to have a great product, they have to have more than one draw. I'm not saying it has to be like it was during the Attitude Era when Stone Cold and The Rock were both huge, but there can't be such a huge gap between the number one guy and the number two guy. The WWE got away with Hulk Hogan being so much higher than the number two guy during the 80's. The WWE wasn't a hit globally then like it is now.

The WWE is taking a huge risk by investing all of their stock into one person. If Cena decides to retire in say one or two months, they are in trouble. They would have put all of their stock behind Cena and with him gone they would have a major problem on their hands. The WWE needs to realize that in CM Punk, they have a man that is capable of being their number one man. He doesn't even have to be the number one guy but he could be established as a solid number two guy. Let him main event a few pay per views. Let him close the show on Monday Night Raw on a consistent basis. Let him be the focal point for a little while.

CM Punk puts on high quality matches on a consistent basis. You can't say that about Cena. As I said earlier, CM Punk tells it like it is. There is no BS when it comes to CM Punk. What you see is what you get. The WWE loves to involve reality in their story lines. CM Punk fits this perfectly because nobody involves reality in their promos better than CM Punk.