Adam wilkinson

The Difference Between A Superstar and His Gimmick

So what I've noticed from certain people on the internet is they will tell the superstars they do not like to see win or just don't like the persona they have in WWE to "go kill themselves" or they'll say "I hope they die or get seriously injured."

To quote The Miz, who happens to be one of my favorites, Really!? Really!?

This is something that irritates me very much. Some people don't have a shred of human decency and it goes to the extent that when they don't like a character, not a person, a character...they want them to die?

That's sick. Now that's just one instance. A lot of people have been "mistreated" by a superstar before. Maybe they told you to shut up in the crowd? Or maybe Batista said "I HATE YOU TOO"?

Seriously, though. What are they supposed to do? Turn around and say "Why do you hate me?" No, their doing their job by responding to the fans. Makes for a better character. Did Stone Cold Steve Austin speak smoothly so that the fans couldn't say WHAT? No, he paused every few seconds so the fans could enjoy the chant.

They do their job, people. Don't criticize them, and certainly don't threaten their life. I'll share with you a personal event, that I didn't take personally.

I was at a live event on the tour of Road to Wrestlemania 22. RVD was taking on Shelton Benjamin, I believe. I was front row and when RVD knocked Benjamin to the barricade, I took the liberty of being a babyface lover at the time(I was...8?) and hit Shelton Benjamin in the back of the head to receive a response of "Man, get off me!"

Now, this was just a small thing but I remember it quite clearly. Did I go home and say "Grr. Shelton Benjamin is a bad guy and told me to get off of him. He should go kill himself"? Not at all. I thought it was brilliant of him. He played his character well. Shame to see him gone from the WWE.

There's a difference between a superstar and his gimmick. If I said "Hey" to The Miz at a Monday Night Raw, he would ignore me. If I said it on the street when he wasn't wrestling, he would gladly say hello and probably take a picture or sign something.

To all the people who "hate" John Cena and everything he's about. Or the people who say that Big Show is a bully and deserves to die. Please, do us all a favor and learn the difference between the man in the ring and the man on the street.

Thanks for reading, and as always,
Stay Classy.