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Daniel Bryan's AJ Storyline Can Cement His Place at the Top

Daniel Bryan's AJ Storyline Can Cement His Place At The Top

As WWE enters a new era next Monday, the WWE Universe could very well see Daniel Bryan cement his place at the very top of the roster with it.

And a lot of the reason for this is thanks to his storyline with AJ.

Just like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Edge before him, Daniel Bryan has the opportunity to become a top, if not the top heel in the company due to the managerial skills of his female companion.

It is a combination which has proved to be the success of many men in the past.

As the old saying goes, ‘behind every good man, there is a great woman’.

Unlike several other pairings in recent history, such as Ted DiBiase and Maryse, Bryan and AJ have clear professional chemistry in the ring.

One only has to look no further than their mixed tag team victory this past Monday to see that.

It is a chemistry which seems to have helped benefit both wrestlers careers within the company.

Not only has Bryan taken the WWE by storm in the last year, but AJ herself has featured in almost every RAW main event in recent memory – a feature which WWE officials are said to be very high on.

Although there were hints of a face turn after their match and proposal segment last Monday, Bryan and AJ have the potential to reach new heights as an onscreen couple as well as individually.

As well as AJ continuing to receive exposure in top television segments and possibly future main events, Bryan will also benefit from the controversy she draws in her own right.

It is controversy and chemistry which can very much be likened to a PG version of Edge and Lita.

A relationship which paid dividends for the careers of both wrestlers.

Yet as a new era approaches WWE next week, things are sure to change both onscreen and off it.

With a bit of luck, and surely a lot of support from the WWE Universe, Bryan and AJ will remain a heel faction heading into the post-1000th episode era.

Above all else however, both characters certainly have the potential to continue their success together for a long time to come.