Adam wilkinson

Ryback: The Next Goldberg or Simply Another Novelty?

Back on July 9th, I took a poll question asking the fans of this site if Ryback was the real deal. Out of 16 votes (Thank You to all who participated by the way), 10 of you said yes. Some of the comments were a little skeptical, mentioning comparisons to Goldberg and the lack of challenges so far for Ryback. I agree in alot of ways with the comparisons with Goldberg. In this blog I hope to convince most, if not all of you why I think Ryback is going to be a Goldberg caliber Superstar and not a novelty act.

When Goldberg started out he was on the same path Ryback is on now. He had this unmatched intensity about him. He didn't speak. He breathed fire (ok it was only smoke, but you get the idea). He killed people. He was a wrecking machine, destroying everyone and everything in his path. He was fed jobber after jobber, in fact probably way more than Ryback has up to this point in their careers. He ran through them all until finally getting that step up in competition, only to destroy them easily too on his way to the big belt. The people ate it up, chanting GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG, GOLDBERG, everytime the music hit and the sparks flew.

Is is it too soon to put Ryback in Goldberg's class of superstar? Maybe just a little. I think everyone wants to see if Ryback can make that next step with some better competition. I have seen enough over the past 2-3 weeks for me to believe that there is something there and I believe we have a great superstar in the making. He has been impressive and the double samoan drop he has been doing with not one but 2 people on his back has been jaw dropping, but the act was starting to get a little stale . Where I started to see something more was when he started facing Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks (2 under rated and under used talents IMO) and even the no contest with Jack Swagger from this past Monday's Raw. People have been clamoring for more out of Jack Swagger, or wondering what the WWE should do with him. I think they may have finally found it. A little Swagger/ Ryback feud could be very entertaining and productive for both talents. I think Swagger showed that he could more than hold his own against Ryback. If the WWE doesn't blow it, this could be a nifty little mid-card feud that could propel Ryback into title contention whether it be the U.S., Intercontinental, WWE or World Title. This is just my opinion of course, but what could it hurt?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely drunk on the Ryback Koolaid just yet, but I see alot there. Like Goldberg, Ryback has his flaws, especially technically and this makes him a danger to other wrestlers as well as himself. Like Goldberg, Ryback wrestles and moves with such a ferocity and intensity that he needs to learn the restraint needed in order to be safe yet still have the movements look good. Ask Bret Hart how safe Goldberg was to work with in the ring. Goldberg ended Bret's career by being careless and not showing that skill of restraint that is crucial in the ring. It would be a shame if the WWE had to miss capitalizing on Ryback's talent because no one wants to work with him. These athletes are some of, if not the toughest human beings on the planet, but everyone has limits, especially when it's your career and body on the line 250-300 nights a year.

Back to my point. I think the sky is the limit for Ryback. The WWE has needed another top face for quite sometime so others could turn heel where they would be better suited (Orton? Cena?). I think this could be the guy if done correctly. He's got the look and the intensity that has had the crowd buzzing. Did you hear the Feed Me More chant from Raw this past Monday? He's got the crowd now and that is the most important thing for a worker to have.

I want to close this blog out with this. It's simple. I think Ryback is just cool and could be great. Everything from the freaked and tweaked expressions on his face, to the weird thing he does with his arms, the nodding of his head to his entrance music, his power walk, his cool attire, etc... I could keep going. That's how high I am on his upside. I feel like I am a really good judge on these things. My fellow wrestling fan and brother-in-law can attest to that. I just have the eye and the knack I guess. Wish some $$$ came with that.

As always, I look forward to all of your opinions and comments whether you agree or disagree with them.

Till next time...Peace Out Y'all!!