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Is WWE Too Quick To Turn Guys Babyface?

Looking at the current roster, there doesn't seem to be too many big heels at the moment who aren't in the title picture.

Looking at the heels who are or have recently been in the title picture for both WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, you've got a strong list of Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Jericho, Kane and Dolph Ziggler, but that seems to be it.

Having watched Money in the Bank and the RAW and Smackdown's leading up to it, Chris Jericho finally started looking like he did actually WANT to be in WWE. Since his return, his charcter has had a "Whatever" attitude about him, or a "I've been here and done all this before" approach which didn't really suit him. However, his main event on Smackdown against Sheamus was like a wake up call for him, a match which finally made Y2J think "I have still got it" and that he is still worthy of a top spot.

He could go on from this and have a great feud with Cena. I had visions of him being the one confronting Cena saying he got lucky and didn't deserve win. I even thought they could do an angle where Cena defends his contract against a bitter Chris Jericho.

But, the fans wanted him babyface. They've been cheering him anyway, so they must be thinking "Why not" and put him in a feud with Ziggler instead.

Bad move in my book. Jericho still has a lot to give as a heel. You can also just tell he loves being a show off heel. Granted, the moniker of show off is with Dolph, but you get my point. It is too soon to turn Jericho into a babyface which WWE does not need right now.

Kane is another example. In fact, he's a prime example of WWE taking a top card heel and turning him into a mid card babyface. They do the same thing with Big Show all the time. When Kane is a heel, he pulls off the scary monster gimmick better than anyone. When he's a babyface he's lacking that killer edge which makes the heel character just awesome.

WWE took Kane from a guy who was trying to turn Super Cena heel by embracing hate and acknowledging the fact that the fans think he sucks to a guy that teams with Cena against Jericho and Big Show in a tag match on RAW. Why? Why couldn't Kane be the one that leaves people lying in the ring instead of Big Show? He's done that hundredds of times in his career.

Call it bad storyline writing, or even lack of heat from the fans making the charcter not work, I'm not sure, but, at this time in WWE when all the babyfaces are over and they're either a) already champion or b) money in the bank winnner, the last thing we need is two top heels jumping ship and being good guys.

If anything, WWE needs more heels. What would happen now if Daniel Bryan or Alberto gets injured? Sure, that makes room for a returning Miz who in my view needs and deserves a feud against a Champion, but apart from Big Show, who else? Tensai? Average. Orton? Babyface and suspended. Rey? Babyface. Sandow? Not ready.

There's no-one. WWE is failing to acknowledge that true wrestling fans actually cheer and get behind any wrestler they want to. It's not a case now of cheering and booing people, as much as WWE wants that. We like Bryan, he is entertaining. People cheered Ziggler when he won Money in the Bank, heel or not.

Give guys a push as a heel. We'll cheer them anyway, regardless. The heel characters are more entertaining, so why don't WWE create more of them? In this blogger's opinion, it just doesn't make any sense...

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