Adam wilkinson

Reason Why Brodus Clay is a Joke...

I'm here to give everyone something to think about. Some people consider Brodus Clay to be something great that the kids can enjoy, and that's my problem with it. That's all he is. Something for little kids to come in the ring and dance with. He's not an athlete, let alone a professional wrestler. He's a big, fat joke.

There are people who are silly at times and can entertain a crowd as well as put on a good showing for the audience. John Cena, perhaps? Chris Jericho? Talk about people who have been both entertaining and well-performing in the past. Heck, even Santino Marella can wrestle!

If you don't believe me, look at this past Monday Night Raw when he defeated JTG. His finisher was messed up. He bounced off the wrong ropes. If you're going for a body splash on somebody vertically lying on the ground to you, you can seriously hurt somebody. Thankfully he had some sense to twist in the air a bit. That was risky for JTG.

Call this a rant, if you will. That's precisely what this is. I'm sick of seeing the same 2 minute entrance every week, the same 2 minute match every week, and seeing a pure 10 minutes(including commercial) being taken away from better talent to watch some man jiggle in the ring. It's disgusting.

Some may agree with me, some may not. That's not something to focus on. Nobody can deny that his place is not in WWE or wrestling in general. He should be thanking his lucky stars that Vince McMahon likes big guys because I guarantee you if he was as terrible as he is and was 6'1", 220 lbs, he would be out of a job from WWE.

Now to end his parade of funky dancing and his little gal pals shaking their booties around to funk music, I say we put him on a PPV where he comes out and issues an open challenge answered by one of three people:

1) Ryback
2) Tensai
3) Goldberg

Any of these would be good to take the Funkasaurus down, but I'd prefer Ryback just to show he can find the power to lift 400 lbs over his head and drop it to the mat, no problem.

Back to the main topic, Brodus Clay is again, a joke. He works when he's in a dark, angry persona but the gimmick he has makes him less valuable than a jobber to true wrestling fans.

Thanks for reading and as always,
Stay Classy