Adam wilkinson

Should The Rock Be WWE Champion Again?

The Rock is The People's Champion. The Rock is the Brahma Bull. The Rock is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment. The Rock during his career electrified the world with his catchphrases. He was a 9 time World Heavy Weight Champion.

However, he disappeared from the WWE for seven years, reappearing a couple of months before Wrestlemania 27. He has made sporadic appearances ever since then even wrestling a match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 28. He stated on the Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 28 that he wants to be WWE champion one more time. The question is, should The Rock be WWE champion again?

There are some pros and cons to the Rock becoming WWE champion again.

It would bring a buzz back to the WWE. The WWE performs better when people know who the champion is. There is nobody currently in the WWE more recognizable around the world than the Rock. He would bring fans that may have stopped watching wrestling back to the WWE even if it is only for a short time.

If the Rock were to become the champion again he would have the opportunity to put an up and coming wrestler over. Wrestlers that are up and coming always need to beat a top tier star in order to prove themselves to fans. There would be no better way for an up and coming wrestler to prove themselves to fans than by beating the Rock to win their first WWE title. Look what that did for Brock Lesnar. After Lesnar beat the Rock for the title at Summerslam in 2002, he was a made man.


If the Rock gets the WWE title, then that is one less chance to build up an up and coming wrestler. It doesn't matter how good a wrestler is, if the company doesn't have enough confidence to put the World Title on them, they can only go so far. Look at guys like Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. If the WWE never put the title on them, they would not have been as big as they were.

Vince McMahon gets frustrated at his inability to create new stars, and even though the Rock is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, if he puts the title on the Rock then he can forget about building up another star because the WWE is not going to have the Rock drop the title to an up and comer. He's going to drop it to an established star, probably Cena.

It will be unfair to the other wrestlers if the Rock wins the WWE title. Other wrestlers bust their butts day in and day out trying to make it to the top. Some like Cena, and CM Punk have reached the top and work hard to stay on top. Even though the Rock busted his butt for the WWE long before Cena, and CM Punk were in the WWE it would still be unfair to them and other wrestlers considering the Rock will probably show up for one or two months before getting the title. He won't have to wrestle at live events and probably won't have to make any appearances on the show that he started, Smackdown.

In my opinion, the Rock should win the WWE title again. However, there are some strings attached. If the Rock wants to be WWE champion again he should be with the WWE full-time for at least four months before getting the title. This includes wrestling matches at live events, and performing on Friday Night Smackdown when asked to. He should wrestle matches on Monday Night Raw from time to time to build up momentum to getting the WWE title once more. By doing this, he will at least show that he is willing to put his movie career to the side for a little while and bust his butt along with the other wrestlers to make the WWE a better company.