Adam wilkinson

Cena vs Punk RAW 1000: How It Will Go & What It Could Lead To

I actually don't see this match even getting started. I predict that someone, either Rock or Show will prevent it from happening.

Show has motive, as he was attacked last night by Cena. And we all know, that no one holds a grudge better and longer than a WWE heel.So, I see; Show using this to his advantage.

As for The Rock, he just doesn't like Cena period. What more motive does he need?. Rock is focused on becoming champion right? well trust that he will do anything in his power to get there.

Personally, I feel Rock doesn't want Cena champion. Who wants their number one enemy to be doing anything good for themselves?. Also, I feel that, Rock doesn't want Cena to have to be the guy that he has to get through to get to the championship, as it will only be a distraction for him. But, on the other hand, taking him out would be a huge plus. So, if any of this were to happen, I think; that what all of us has predicted lately will come true and that's Cena challenging Punk for the title at SummerSlam.

Also the place where John will become the first man to cash in and lose. If it happens, I don't think it will be a clean lose as Cena never loses cleanly anyway. There will be some sort of distraction to throw Cena off guard leaving Punk to seize the moment.

Don't worry, this won't affect Cena's career simply because he's John Cena, the poster boy, the "go to guy". Trust, we'll hear about it for like two weeks and it won't be brought up again until next years Money In the Bank.

Now, some way some how Cena will get yet another title shot. Which I do think will lead us to Rock vs Cena again somewhere down the road, except this time it won't be at Wrestlemania.

So wrestling fans, don't worry, we won't have a new champion come Monday. But then again, who knows? I could be wrong. But until then let's just pray that I'm right. It would be like WWE to throw a curve ball at us.

So any opinions? Feel free to disagree Smile