Adam wilkinson

There is No Better Time to Finally Turn Cena Heel

It is one of most heavily discussed topics on the internet, yet now more than ever may be the most opportune time to finally turn John Cena heel.

Hot off the heels of his Money in the Bank victory on Sunday, the stars have aligned for Cena to give in to what almost every member of the WWE Universe wants – Cena, the villain.

For the first time in very long time, the WWE has reached a point where they are no longer completely reliant on Cena and his image.

Yes, the company is still without Randy Orton, and appearances by Triple H and The Undertaker are few and far between.

However with names like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus stepping up in the last six months, Cena has been able to step away from the spotlight somewhat and allow others to shine.

Not only had Cena moved away from the WWE Title picture, but merchandise sales have also begun to favour other Superstars, such as Punk.

Put simply, the WWE no longer need Cena to survive.

With the current state of the company itself, as well as the state of the roster, and given Cena’s win at Money in the Bank, Cena’s time to strike is now.

In saying this though, a heel turn for such a big entity within the company is still a delicate issue – an issue which can be dealt with in either one of two ways.

Either have Cena turn swiftly and suddenly, a la Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 17, or drag it out and make the most of his Money in the Bank storyline, a la CM Punk in 2009.

It may be wishful thinking.

But if logistics and proximity were to play a part in such a heel turn (which they should), then there may be no better time than the present.