Adam wilkinson

Chris Jericho's Journey Comes to an End

As this year winds down, it seems like Jericho's career will do the same thing. He hasn't won any PPV matches(I don't think) and it seems like he's going to start thinking about retiring soon.

He's been in the business doing what he's the best in the world at for over 20 years and it seems like he's done enough to be in the WWE Hall of Fame ten times over. Big moments of his career were the following:

(My opinion) Greatest WWE RAW Debut of All Time
First Undisputed WWE-World Heavyweight Championship
Inventor of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Many Memorable Feuds
Has held the Intercontinental Championship more than anyone in history.
Has had nearly half a dozen tag team partners to win the championships with.

As we look over these things that Jericho has accomplished, in combination with many World Title reigns and being involved in 4 or 5 Money in the Bank matches, Jericho's stellar career seems like it will be ending within the next few months.

I have a feeling he'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame the next year that Wrestlemania goes Canadian. He and Trish Stratus.

Before I end off this blog, let me introduce two feuds I think he should end his career off with.

1) WWE Championship Feud with John Cena from after Night of Champions until TLC where they fight in a Ladder Match.

This feud could be good for both superstars. Cena proved he's a ladder master when he won the Money in the Bank ladder match last night and Chris Jericho is the veteran when it comes to this specialty match. I'd love to see them battle it out with the stipulation "If Jericho loses, retired. If Cena loses, you're fired."

2) Another feud that would be nice to see is Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton. Yes, yes, yes. I know they feuded back in 2007 when Chris Jericho returned on RAW, but I have a feeling with the heel/face role reversed, it could pose some new levels of excitement.

Jericho and Orton are both veterans of the ring, Jericho being involved in WWE since 1999 and Orton since 2002. These two have great chemistry in ring, similar styles, and could be an older version of Bryan vs. Punk. Have Jericho call Orton a wannabe and a hypocrite for loving the fans who used to hate his name and Orton could just skip the mic and be aggressive.

Anywhere they go with Jericho could be genius, really, as long as they don't turn him face and team him with Brodus Clay or something. LOL.

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