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Sheamus vs. Jericho - Best Main Event of 2012 So Far

For the majority of 2012, I have been watching the full episodes of RAW and only caught the highlights of Smackdown.

It has only been since the Super Smackdown Live of a few weeks ago when I started watching full Smackdown shows.

I,like a few fans I expect, wasn't expecting much from this week's "Zack Down" after a less than average effort from RAW.

I was praying that the "Triangle" story line would not feature on Smackdown as predominantly as it did on RAW, and thankfully my prayers were answered.

Granted, they did replay the clips from RAW, but having recorded the Smakckdown show, I was very happy to fast forward through the stupid proposals and slaps to the face.

That helped make Smackdown a much better show this week than RAW was. Firstly, there was only one squash match on Smackdown, namely Big Show vs. The Great "No Knees" Khali.

The tag match between Christian/Santino vs.Ziggler/Rhodes was a good match. Again, IC Champ lost, but at least he wasn't squshed by Tensai this time.

Del Rio vs. Sin Cara wasn't the worst match I've seen, but there's just something missing from Del Rio's offense which he needs to really impress in the main event. He's gone for a submission finisher, but his hold does not look painful, in fact it looks like he was just holding Sheamus's hand at the end.

Ryback was pointless again, reckon he'll go back to facing a local jobber again next week.

However, the Main Event Match of Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus was in my opinion, nothing short of brilliant. It had it all, close falls, counters, painful looking submission holds and no interference until after the match. It was a flat out fight between two top stars.

Jericho dominated for ages and proved why at 41 he's still worth being in the Main Event. I really think they should put the title on that guy.

Sheamus's selling ability rivals the likes of Curt Hennig and HBK to the point that he could work with anyone and make them look good. He also dominated parts of the match and looked impressive against Y2J.

Having watched the 2012 Royal Rumble, you could just tell that these two guys work well together. They put on a hell of a show then and again this week on Smackdown.

If Sheamus does come out of Money in the Bank with the title still around his waist, then his next feud should be with Jericho. There were times in this match where Jericho should have won. His counter with a mid air Codebreaker and of course, the move that made him who he is today, the Walls of Jericho. If Jericho was the champ and the roles were reversed, they could have easily had the Great White tap out to that move.

This main event of Smackdown proved that you don't need a pyscho chick and fake proposals to make a main event. You need two guys who love giving their all in an all out fight which had the fans on the edge of their seats to keep us fans interested.

This feud should main event Summerslam in my opinion, that would make it an awesome PPV, maybe the best of the year.

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