Adam wilkinson

Why Kofi Kingston Will Never Reach the Main Event

I’ve been reading a lot of comments and blogs lately that argue the case to push Kofi Kingston to the main event, a claim to which I find myself disagreeing with entirely.

Let’s get it straight, Kingston is and will forever be a Mid-card feature wrestler.
Don’t get me wrong, he is an incredibly gifted athlete that has done great things in the business but I just don’t ever see him holding one of the main titles.

From the moment he walked in, Kingston has been a tremendously reliable talent and has always been able to put on great matches with just about anyone.
However, his character is just too plain and one-dimensional to ever gain the momentum that would propel him into the main event scene. All he does is grin!

During his highly entertaining feud with Randy Orton, we began to see a more aggressive Kofi, one that appeared more intrepid and focused and generated tons of fan support. But in what should have been his time to shine, his promos held him back, lacking in any depth or creativity, ultimately inhibiting him from a further push up the card.

Kingston is much like Owen Hart in that manner as although Owen was an extremely gifted performer, he lacked that star quality that his brother Bret possessed. As contentious as it may sound, Owen was never going to make it to the main event and those who think so are just trying to compensate for his tragic death. The WWE had him back in the Blazer character for Christ’s sake, does that sound like they were about to give him the big push?

That aside, Kingston, like Owen, serves an important purpose by remaining in the mid-card division in that he helps raise the game of other wrestlers being primed for the top spots (Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler to name two).
The WWE also utilize him as a means to project and maintain an adequate amount of star power into the US, IC and Tag Team titles whenever the belts appear weak. With that said, expect more title reigns when there’s nobody else to wear them.

I don’t blame the office for not wanting to push Kingston any further, he’s great where he is and a harder push would only highlight his faults and could end up hurting he’s character instead of aiding it.