Adam wilkinson

Rock vs. Cena II Must Take a New Direction

After Wrestlemania earlier this year, all the speculation was surrounding The Rock and John Cena, and whether or not we would get to see ‘Once in a Lifetime’ round two.

Almost six months on however, and the rumour mill has shifted gears and given us an array of new, potentially mouth watering fixtures.

With recent Tweets suggesting a possible match-up between The Rock and CM Punk for the WWE Title in the future, it seems likely that the WWE Universe has seen the last of The Rock and Cena’s feud.

This may or may not be a good thing for many fans, but personally I would love to see another show down between the two most charismatic men in WWE history on the grandest stage of them all.

If this is to happen though, a new formula must be followed.

During Rock and Cena’s very lengthy storyline, the WWE Universe witnessed some of the best verbal segments WWE has ever produced.

Not only did the fans finally get to see Rocky at his best on the mic again, but the tension brought out the very best in John Cena.

It was fantastic to watch.

But with that said, the storyline was rarely physical.

Luckily, within this absence of physicality in their previous program, there leaves plenty of room for Cena vs. Rock II to take a completely new direction.

All the ingredients are there to make a secondary feud between the pair excel once again.

There are many examples in WWE history where good feuds have gone on to become great once an extra dash of blood is added to the mix.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton vs. Triple H are just three examples that demonstrate this.

This is exactly what would give a rematch between The Rock and John Cena added excitement and allow both men to maintain their hype and interest from the fans coming into another match.

With so much history from the last eighteen months still relatively fresh in our memories, several weeks of Rock Bottoms, AA’s, cheap shots and chair shots leading into Wrestlemania 29 could easily reignite the flame.

It would certainly be hard to say no to a Rock vs. Punk WWE Championship match.

However, if WWE creative is to revive its interest in Cena and The Rock once more, then the match must be significantly different from Wrestlemania XXVIII’s.

After all, it was a once in a lifetime event.