Adam wilkinson

This Week's RAW Squash Matches Did Nobody Any Good

Having just watched this week's RAW, I have to say the majority of it was un-impressive. From Hornswoggle being revealed to be the anonymous GM, to the AJ storyline which is making most of us grateful for the Money in the Bank PPV being this Sunday and not weeks away.

There were some amusing points though, as always. From Khali's attempt at the English language, Santino's Sherlock Holmes impression, to the clip that showed us that Stephanie McMahon can pull off the crazy chick a lot better than AJ can.

My main problem with this week's RAW was the "longevity" (and I use that term lightly) of the matches this week. Gone are the days where WWE superstars could multi-task by cutting a great promo and still putting on a long match. Macho Man's promos made no sense, but his matches went on for more than 2 minutes, so by the time he dropped his elbow, you'd be starting to forget most of what he'd said before anyway.

Let's review from the first match. Using the World Heavyweight Champion as a curtain jerker is normally a sign of Creative struggle, but I fail to see how Sheamus beating Swagger with only a handful of moves makes either Sheamus or Swagger look good. Like him or not, Swagger is a former Champion, he shouldn't be doing a pointless job for anybody, let alone current Champion.

Then, with no build-up whatsoever, another Tensai squash match. This time, Christian and Kidd teamed against Tensai and Ziggler. Before I finished laughing at the amusing argument between Vickie Guerrero and Jerry Lawler, Tensai squashed the Intercontinental Champion in less than 2 minutes. Firstly, way to go WWE by making the IC Champ look rubbish, secondly, the match had no bearing on the Money in the Bank ladder match, the only thing to come out of that match was maybe Vickie might add Tensai to her heel stable, even though Ziggler defeated Swagger a few weeks ago to make him her only client...

I will say that the tag match with Kane/Cena vs. Big Show/Jericho was the best match of the night. All 4 competitors looked good and it does stand their Money in the Bank match in a better light.

Did we need to see a Wrestlemania rematch between Cole and Lawler? In my opinion, no. Plus Cole actually did make a good point when he said that first we don't want him in the ring, then we do. I definately don't.

I have to say, I am turning into a bit of a One Man Band fan. My wife has been a fan the whole time, but I am warming to him now, and this run against WWE legends can only do him good in the push up the ladder. Plus Mr. Backlund or whatever he goes by these days does still have it.

I have no opinion on Sin Cara being put in the MITB Ladder match though. I would have thought that he wouldn't be given that push so soon after he failed the drug test, though.

The less said about Brodus Clay, the better. All I will say about the match is it will only be a matter of time before Drew McIntyre gets his turn.

Then we had the main event. If anything it served to rid Eve of ring rust if nothing else. Daniel Bryan was amusing as ever, as he was earlier in the evening. It was obvious though that AJ was going to pin Eve, as they weren't going to have Punk or Bryan pinned, just like they didn't last week. I will say that is a good idea, as much as it's not making us all point to a clear winner in their title match on Sunday. If Bryan pinned Punk for two straight weeks, or vice versa, things would be different.

When we are so close to a PPV, you do expect the last RAW in the run up to be an exciting RAW which will make you more enthusiastic about the PPV. This RAW fell a little short, and that was not meant as a dig at Hornswoggle, by the way.

WWE needs less promos and more in ring action, believable in ring action at that. McIntyre would not get beat by one headbutt and a splash, same as it wouldn't only take one white noise to set Swagger up for a Brogue Kick finish. If WWE spent less time on this RAW making AJ look crazy and having stupid proposals, these matches would have more time to look more realistic and make the competitors look a lot better, in my opinion.

One more thing about people having squash matches, did anybody actually notice that there wasn't any sign of Ryback on RAW this week? I didn't, until I just typed it, but I'm sure they'll have 3 minutes 30 seconds of dead air to fill at the PPV on Sunday for him....