Adam wilkinson

Will the 1,000 Episode of RAW Disappoint?

The 1,000 episode of RAW is literally two weeks away. With that being said, I'm wondering how the outcome of it is going to be.

Now the majority of you think it's going to be huge and spectacular. Its the 1,000 episode for Christ sake! But there is that little bunch, that includes me that thinks it's going to be just like any other RAW.

I say that because, in my opinion , they haven't been doing a good job advertising it. With something this huge, you got to stay on the fans case day in and day out. Not just every week putting someone on the tron saying their favorite moment (although I've enjoyed most of them) or having King and Cole talk about how great it's going to be when they don't even know themselves.

Also I haven't seen any other big names advertised to get people to tune in. Yes, I know The Rock will be there, he's gold by himself but his angle is probably only going to last so long, because everyone else needs to get some tv time. Knowing Vince, he would probably let Rocky take over the whole show. Anyway I would also advertise people like Austin, even though there's a chance he won't be there because he's filming movies and things, but it will get people to tune in to make them think he's showing up. Mean, yes I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do.It's a business of entertainment you don't always get what you expect.

Brock Lensar is not going to be the guy to bring in the ratings for the 1,000 episode like people think. Yes he will hype them up, but after his segment with Triple H, or whomever he's with, people might just change the channel, and just wait for the Rock.

To keep people like me interested, they're going to have to go all out. Take some risk with these younger guys by putting them in big matches, write better promos for the superstars and just give an all out killer RAW.

RAW was struggling with two hours, now they have three. Vince is going to have to put his ego aside for once and let some of these writers really show what they can do. We blame the creative team all the time but we forget it's the head man in charge who gets the final say.

I'm not saying the 1,000 episode of RAW will be horrible, I can't say that I'm no fortune teller. But what I can say and predict is that if Vince and his team doesn't get it together and write better things or advertise better, it could disappoint. Yes they'll get their ratings but the real question should be, did they really give the fans what they wanted?.

I know you guys think I'm crazy and doesn't have a clue what im talking about but,Despite what I've said, I am excited for RAW. Im no Rocky fan but I can't wait to see what Rock is gonna do or say. Also what the entire show might hold. But that won't keep me from being pessimistic. I really do hope Vince can prove me wrong.