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Are We Ready for a John Morrison Comeback?

It's been nearly a year since we've seen the Monday/Friday Night Delight on WWE TV since his "release" last year. Nobody can deny, however, his Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber feats prove his ability to show off his skill and execution.

Not only that, he's shown he knows his way around the ring and I believe WWE could use him right now. I'd love a Bryan/Morrison feud. It would be a great buildup to John Morrison's first WWE Championship.

Now that's getting ahead of the current situation. I believe WWE is interested in bringing him back, as they should be. He's a great talent. They shouldn't drop the ball with him like they did last year.


I'm just bringing my opinion that I say he should return. He's got the look and the charisma to make it as a big star and he could be a huge part of WWE's future since he's still fairly young.

Let's take a look at what he's accomplished in his career, though.

MNM - Johnny Nitro, Melina, Joey Mercury
This team had a very good look to them. The show-offs with the girl and the red carpet and paparazzi. It was a great gimmick that lasted for a while, as they collected championship gold. Johnny Nitro was for sure the star of the group.

ECW Johnny Nitro
When he disbanded with MNM after Joey Mercury's accident in the Fatal-Four-Way Tag Team Ladder Match in late 2006, he went on into ECW where in late summer of 2007, he captured the ECW Championship by defeating CM Punk. He was, of course, a heel at this time. He would then move back a step to the tag team division again by joining The Miz

The Miz and John Morrison
After Johnny Nitro changed his ring name to John Morrison, he teamed with The Miz to capture multiple championships but the team ended up ending in a sense when they lost to Carlito and Primo at Wrestlemania in a Unified Championship Match.

The Friday Night Delight!
John Morrison then was gone to Smackdown where he found success in the singles division. He feuded with Dolph Ziggler for a good while over the Intercontinental Championship. He showed his true colors and proved he works best as a face.

I'm going to skip ahead to December 2010 where he defeated Sheamus in a Ladder Match at TLC PPV to become the number one contender to The Miz's WWE Championship. Instead of waiting, he decided to use his opportunity on the first RAW of 2011. He lost to Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match, but showed he deserved to be main eventing.

Post-Wrestlemania 27
John Morrison and John Cena both became #1 contender to the WWE Championship and were in a Steel Cage match with The Miz. Though John Morrison did not walk out champion, again, he proved to be main event material.

Now that we've analyzed his career, you can see he's made progress. He deserves to be put as a top star. Will he return soon? Who knows. Will he return at all? Who knows. Do we want him to? I'd say yes. He's a great wrestler, has a great look, and can get the fans on their feet screaming. What more could you want?

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