Adam wilkinson

Is It Time for Sheamus to Change?

For quite a while now, Sheamus has been a babyface. In my opinion he is not a very good babyface. Im not going to sugar coat this for anyone but, Sheamus pretty much sucks right now. That role wasn't made for him, it was made for guys like Cena, Rey, Rock.

Sheamus is way better playing a heel. I could take him more seriously when he was a heel. Also, when he was a heel his promo's were alot better. As a babyface he just tries to joke too much, and it isn't working for him.

I felt, and alot of you might to; that I connected more with him as heel. It just came to him naturally, the babyface persona doesn't.

Also, I feel that he has ran his course as champion. Sheamus has not been a very good champion in my eyes this year. Not saying he's never been a good champion or anything, it's just in the last year he's fallen off the boat.

I say put the belt on someone else for awhile and let Sheamus revamp himself and work on his craft, because the guy is a hot commodity, very good for business. Just needs to find his edge again.

So, opinions?