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A Survivor Series Return for The Undertaker is Risky

The Undertaker’s potential return at Survivor Series later this year will no doubt be one of the most anticipated events on the WWE Universe’s calendar.

Having last competed at Wrestlemania in April, The Undertaker’s appearances have become a celebrated event in WWE – an event which can single-handedly shape a pay-per-view.

But with The Undertaker being the highlight of the last four Wrestlemania’s, an end of year Survivor Series return could possibly take some of the shine and hype away from The Deadman.

In the last two years, The Undertaker has encapsulated the Wrestlemania atmosphere with his timely returns to television and Wrestlemania storylines.

It is precisely this reason why WWE are taking a big gamble if they decide to bring ‘Taker’ back outside of Wrestlemania season.

It is certainly no secret that The Undertaker has entered the twilight years of his career.

Although his performances at ‘Mania have been as spectacular as always, the seven-time world champion has visibly slowed in the ring and looked slightly out of shape against Triple H in April.

With this said, it would seem almost foolish to place increased pressure on a man who already has the world critiquing his every step when Wrestlemania rolls around.

This is why WWE must keep The Undertaker’s appearances an annual occurrence.

Not just for the sake of Wrestlemania season, but also for ‘Taker’s health and career.

Surely The Undertaker’s highly anticipated return will be an awesome spectacle regardless, yet WWE has established a new role for ‘Taker in recent years, one which has immortalised his character and been met by a new type of appreciation by the fans.

Similar to Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels during their final years of wrestling for WWE, ‘Taker has now moved away from being a regular Superstar and has become a special attraction who can always guarantee a great match.

This is why a Survivor Series return in November would be risky.

Whether the risk is worth the reward however, time will only tell.

Although such a move may take hype away from his Wrestlemania program next year, one can only speculate exactly how ‘Taker will be used if he does reappear in November.

Above the possibilities however and no matter when The Deadman does return, it will no doubt be an event not to miss nonetheless.

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