Adam wilkinson

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk Ever Happen

If such a thing was to happen, it would be like the first Rock vs Cena match, everyone wants to see it.

Just think of the hype this type of match would bring. Think about the classic promo's between these two. Someone finally putting Punk in his place. This would be great.

At the 1,000 episode it would be epic for Austin to return and confront Punk about their past twitter war, starting a match for Wrestlemania.

WWE needs a match at Wrestlemania that is going to steal the show. Cena vs Rock again and Taker vs Brock is not going to steal the show, as we will already know the out come.

But Austin vs Punk will be different, it will truly be something we can say we have never seen before. A match to keep us on our feet, jumping up and down waiting for the outcome.

This will not just be a match of Austin beats Punk, it will be a match of Punk fighting back and making himself known as the best in the world.

This is a match up WWE really needs
to consider, one of the ages; A match that could truly save wrestling, one proud to make you a WWE fan.

Well any opinions? Should this happen?