Adam wilkinson

Has the Time Come for Tyson Kidd to Shine?

Over the last few weeks, Tyson Kidd has come along way from being a jobber. He's starting to win more matches and get seen on tv more. Tyson needs to take advantage of this opportunity and actually become something.

Tyson needs to show people that he is more than just a graduate from the Dungeon. He needs to show us that he is someone to be reckoned with.

Now with that being said, I'm guessing WWE is going to put him in a storyline with Tensai. I believe we will see alot of fighting between these two both before and after the MITB PPV.

This is the part where Tyson has to really show WWE what he's made of. Nine times out of ten if you're the smaller guy in the match and you're up against someone like Tensai, chances are you're the one who has to carry on the match. Tensai is stale and Kidd is fast and energetic, something we need to keep us interested in the match up.

If these two are to feud later on down the road, if given time, he needs to be sharp with his promos and on the board. Also, Kidd really has to be careful not botch moves, or oversell them.

WWE (Vince) looks for stuff like this just to keep a guy like Kidd out of the mainevent picture and guys like Cena,Orton and Punk in.

I Don't see Tyson winning the MITB match, but I do see him putting on a killer performance that could lead him down either the Intercontinental or United States Championship path. There he could really take off with his career.

I see Tyson with a bright future, if he plays his cards right, who knows, he could be the next guy to headline Wrestlemaina someday.