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Since the formation of the TNA Knockouts division in 2007, it has become a huge success. Segments and matches involving the knockouts have become some of the highest rated segments on Impact wrestling. Over the last couple of years segments and matches involving the knockouts have often been the highest rated segments of Impact.

Over the last couple of years TNA has added to their roster that now is loaded full of women. Tara, Mickie James, Winter, Sarita, Hamada, Lacey Von Erich, and Taeler Hedrix have all been added to the knockouts roster over the last three years. Erich, Hamada and a few other knockouts have left during this time period but the roster is still loaded.

The roster is so loaded with women that a lot of the knockouts are being buried. Most of the knockouts roster either haven't been on TV in several months or are barely used. This is a shame because a lot of the women that are being buried can put on some very entertaining matches.

Some of the story lines that the knockouts are involved in are messed up because of the burial of the knockouts. When Winter came to TNA she formed a tag team with Angelina Love. She won the Knockouts title twice and the Knockouts Tag Team Title once while teaming with Love. However, over the last several months their tag team has disappeared with out a mention of why.

Shortly after Gail Kim returned to TNA she won the TNA Knockouts Title from Velvet Sky who won the title just twenty-eight days earlier at Bound For Glory. She didn't get her rematch for the title until Lockdown 5 months later. During the 5 month period of not getting a rematch, no mention was made of her even wanting a rematch. TNA instead inserted Mickie James as Kim's next opponent.

Things like this cannot keep going on if TNA wants to keep their knockouts division in a good place. They have to showcase their talent otherwise they are going to waste it. That is why TNA needs to give the knockouts their own show. As I said earlier, the knockouts segments are often the highest rated segments on Impact. Why not take advantage of that and give the knockouts their own show and give them a chance to shine.

It's worth a try. If TNA keeps treating their women the way they are treating them now then a lot of them are going to become unhappy and leave. Angelina Love recently left TNA and more could follow if TNA doesn't stop burying its woman.

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