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With most of the matches confirmed and the event just a few days away, Destination X is looking to be a solid affair. But can TNA repeat the efforts of last year and put on anther spectacular show that will have fans talking for years?

Last years event was an undeniable success and arguably the best PPV TNA has produced in years. I myself love the concept of an all X Division PPV and am thoroughly excited about the upcoming show.

For some time now, I’ve read across the Internet (mostly from other wrestlers) that the stars of the X Division lack the ability to tell a story and rely too heavily on high risk spots. I disagree entirely with this accusation as time and time again X Division matches have stolen the show and have unquestionably kept the company afloat for the past 10 years.

The fluidity of the matches and extraordinary athleticisms showcased by the talent reminds one of the Luche Libre style found in Mexican promotions. Yet with the inclusion of devastatingly stiff strikes and a heap of old-school flair, the X Division has created a style unto its own, one that has done nothing but gain popularity since its formation.
Needless to say, to witness an X Division match is quite often both mesmerizing and breathtaking.

This Sunday, the X Division looks to further make their mark by exhibiting a range of exceedingly anticipated matches.

Last years highly praised tournament for a TNA contract is back, only this time it’s for the X Division Title. Expect each match to be of the uppermost quality with many surprises and upsets leading into the awe-inspiring Ultimate X match. I truly think it’s anyone’s game and that whatever the outcome, we the fans will be satisfied.

Angle VS Joe also promises to be a sensational bout with both men certainly looking to steal the show. This will be a master-class in technical wrestling and will no doubt live up to their previous encounters. I’d like to see Joe win as it would really help put him over as a major payer in the BFG tournament however it’s just too hard to call.

Watching AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels compete is nothing less than riveting and with the added Last Man Standing stipulation we should all expect big things from this match. In my opinion, these two are the epitome of the X Division and have a legacy to uphold, so for my money this will be the match of the night.

As for the main-event, I fear it won’t be as enthralling as the other matches on the card but what is interesting is that it is very unclear as to who will pick up the victory.
I’m not overly sold on Roode as a performer, I find his offense weak and predictable, but I think if anyone can have a good match with him then Aries is that man.
Aries not only won last years tournament but also stood out as a fully fledged superstar which is a big reason as to why TNA may have him win the match. By having him win at the event two-years running, TNA may look to make the event Aries’ signature show (much like WWE did with Orton and Survivor Series).
On the other hand, TNA seems very happy with Roode as champion and I could easily see him hanging onto the belt until Bund For Glory.

All in all, Destination X appears to be the one TNA show not to miss and despite the fact that the company doesn’t have the best record for consistently presenting great annual events, I believe this will top last years by a landslide.
Pumbaa Zekunt
Destination X is usually one of the better PPVs of the year... This year is looking to be another cracker like last year...
  • July 5, 2012
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Justin Barr
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