Adam wilkinson

Should GM’s Rotate?

Since “People Power” heard those infamous words ‘your fired” we have seen everyone from Vicki to Teddy fill the GM position. And now we know that Zack will serve as GM for next Friday Night Smackdown. While I have enjoyed the departure of Johnny imo the WWE needs to make a decision on which way they want to go concerning the GM. Here’s why….

If you remember back when there was a guest GM each week, at least we KNEW who that was going to be in advance. That added to the excitement of the show coming up. But not knowing really doesn’t give us much to go on… Yes we know now that Zack is the man but what about the following week? What about Monday Night Raw? We have seen several articles and blogs giving suggestions on who would make a good GM. But that is not the reason for this blog.

I am just suggestion that making it a guessing game from week to week is NOT the answer. The WWE Universe deserves to know and even have a say in the decision. I wouldn’t even mind going back to the guest GM for a while until a permanent GM could be named. But let us know!

So until then I guess we will just wait and see… What do you think? Is this working for you? The GM is such a vital role to fill and really sets the tone for the show. So we say to the Director’s: Do YOUR jobs and get us a GM!

The Rev