Adam wilkinson

Is AJ the WWE's New #1 Diva?

Over the last couple of months AJ Lee has been used more and more. Since she began a storyline relationship with Danial Bryan last November she has been used more than any other diva in the WWE. But over the last couple of months her presence on WWE TV has grown big time. She is not just Daniel Bryan's ex girlfriend, she is currently being placed in an angle where she will be the special referee for the WWE Championship Match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

She has changed from the innocent little AJ that was just Bryan's girlfriend seeking his love to a mentally unstable women who is desperately trying to get CM Punk to be her new boyfriend. Last night on Monday Night Raw after she and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero in a mixed tag team match, she approached Punk backstage. She asked him if he saw her match and when he said he didn't see it because he was on the phone with his sister she got upset and left. Later she interfered in a tag team match between Punk and John Cena vs. Bryan and Chris Jericho.

Her recent popularity with WWE management doesn't seem like it is going to die down anytime soon. WWE management are high on her and believe that she could be the next big thing. This means that she could be pushed to the moon.

No other WWE diva since Michelle McCool retired has been seen on TV like AJ has been the last couple of months. Beth Phoenix was the Divas Champion for over 200 days and there were long periods of time between TV appearances for her. Layla is the current Divas Champion and she hasn't been on TV lately either. Eve returned to television for the first time in weeks herself. Why the sudden interest in AJ? I don't know. She in my opinion is doing a good job. She is getting people interested in her and she plays her part well. The only downside to her involvement in the Punk vs. Bryan feud is that she may take the focus away from Punk and Bryan, and in a title match, that isn't supposed to happen. However, when is the last time a WWE diva had the ability to take the focus away from a male's title match?