Adam wilkinson

R-Truth – Even Lil Jimmy couldn’t Save Him

So R-Truth returned to RAW last night, is this the start of something big or are we just going to see him flounder in the mid-card division?

The initial problem Truth had when coming into the WWE was that he was given a weak sounding name and a bland gimmick. The rapper persona had been exhausted and audiences were tired of it. Then the WWE proceeded to do nothing with him except use him as means for other wrestlers to get over.

When Truth was in TNA as Ron Killings, he was a militant badass who took no prisoners. His name alone just screamed intensity and he was packaged as a legitimate threat.

It’s a shame that the WWE didn’t bring Truth in with this character as the roster could really have benefited from a strong black superstar in the main event scene.

We did however begin to see a glimpse of the old R-Truth during his heel turn in 2011, though I don’t really think anyone bought into him being a real player for the title. That aside, Truth was finally being utilized in a productive way that made for some entertaining TV.

Then Lil’ Jimmy came along.

This was an interesting concept, one that gave a new depth to the R-Truth character. He played it well and came across as a genuine nutcase.
But, like all the ‘deranged’ personalities before him, Truth’s antics eventually became goofy and comical.
This is to no fault of Truths however as such gimmicks can only last so long before they become a parody of themselves. Think of Mankind and his transformation from the psychotic sadist to the guy who enjoyed sock puppets.

The thing about Mankind though was that he was one of the most charismatic and lovable personalities in wrestling history (as both a heel and a face) so the alteration to his character did nothing to hinder him.

Sadly, R-Truth does not possess such ability and has become nothing more than a cheap comedy act, which is fine for some wrestlers, only I believe it is a waste of his talent.

His current tag title run has been a shambles and not only due to his recent injury. The WWE have just placed the belts on him and Kingston because they are two top athletes that they want to stay relevant but don’t have anything else going on.

When the title run is over, Truth will be relegated to running alongside Santino as a mid card comic relief that jobs to the top talent.