Adam wilkinson

Will AJ Screw CM Punk Over?

For quite some time now, AJ has been on the side of the WWE Champion CM Punk, but; is all that coming to an end soon?.

We saw on RAW how she got very upset with Punk not being able to see her match, as he was on the phone with his sister. Then she got upset yet again when she paraded around the ring during Punk's match and he still payed no attention as he was busy trying to compete.

When I saw how highly upset she seemed over nothing, that left me thinking and perhaps other fans to, is she going to use that to screw him over at Money in the Bank?. She put the icing on the cake at the end of RAW by throwing Punk into a table. This has to be a sign of some sort that she is trying to send. Maybe the sign that CM Punk's reign as champion is coming to a end as we know it.

AJ is known to be this crazy chick without a clue in mind, I believe she is tricking us, she knows more than we think.

I know Punk is supposed to defend his title at SummerSlam, but wouldn't it be amazing if AJ caused him to lose it, then he enters the RAW MITB match, making him a eligible player into the "former champions only match" he wins MITB cashing in on Bryan, giving him yet another short title reign.

I know that's alot but you have to admit it would be pretty terrific to see. So any opinions?

Will Punk be screwed over and my idea becomes a reality or No, he stays champion until SummerSlam.