Adam wilkinson

Why Kidd is a Dark Horse for Money in the Bank

Tyson Kidd has to be my favorite going into the Smackdown Money in the Bank, and this is why.

He IS the Dark Horse of the match. The one you think just got thrown in to take bumps to Tensai or Christian. Someone to put on some high-flying moves but never touch the case.

I'd like to say that I see something completely different happening. WWE has been known to take big risks before. They aren't afraid to do it again.

I'd love to see Tyson get taken out for about half the match, then hit some dropkicks or flying clotheslines to the bigger guys in the match and show passion and heart. Then have him climb the ladder, get SO CLOSE, and get tipped over by another. Cody Rhodes maybe?

Anyway, then at the end of the match, Tyson launches himself to the top of the ladder, climbing over other superstars, and unhooks the briefcase to win the match. Shock the world.

Now, now. People may say I'm jumping to conclusions and supporting a bandwagon, but the truth is, I've been a fan of Kidd's since he broke away from the Hart Foundation. People say it highlighted his background, I say David Hart held him back. He had much to show and didn't get his own spotlight.

Which he deserves. He beat Jack Swagger for Pete's sake! Swagger is a former WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

This Money in the Bank match could help Rhodes and Barrett, sure. But they're headed for greatness regardless, right? Right. Kidd needs this victory on his accomplishment belt. Everyone thought Bryan wasn't ready for the main event push, but look how great he's done!

Kidd is the same size as Bryan and with some help, could be on the same performance level. His mic work needs a bit of perfecting, but he has enough of the whole package to win the case. I'd turn him heel just because it's fun to see the small guy think he's awesome. *cough* Miz and Bryan *cough*

Anyway, thanks for reading and give me your feedback and what you think should come of this.

As always,
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