Adam wilkinson

Future Superstars of Tomorrow & What to Do With Them

Here's a few WWE superstars with potential to be huge, if given the right opportunity. So here's what WWE should do with them.

1.Antonio Cesaro: We don't see much of this guy but if we did here's a few things WWE should do with him.

One, drop his fling with aksana, she's not doing anything for him.
Two, give him more in ring time to work on his craft. I sat down one day and watched one of his matches and it wasn't half bad, pretty good actually. I think some things he should work on more but he's really good in the ring. He also needs to cut promos. The number one way to connect with your audience is to speak to them. If Antonio wants to get known that's the number one way to.
Three, he needs a serious match. He needs to go up against someone like Rhodes, Ziggler etc. Someone we know that can give him a fine match, one worth watching.

2.Tyson Kidd: Kidd is on his way to a great start with entering into the MITB match. This match will really give him a chance to show us what he's truly made of. After MITB, WWE needs to put him in a tag team with a good partner. A single career isn't in the cards right now since he doesn't get enough tv time as it is. I believe if he gets in a tag team he will be seen more and used more. So that's the direction WWE needs to go with him in. Team him with someone like Christian whose already out there or have him beat Christian so he can get him over.

3.Justin Gabriel: I really do believe Justin can be something more than he is being seen as. It's just a matter of timing. He needs to work on his mic skills and get some more tv time. Justins a pretty cool high flyer and could be the next Mysterio. It would be interesting to have him become heel again. That's the direction I think he needs to try to go in. Maybe go after the U.S championship and become the serious champion we need. I like Santino but there are more deserving guys.

4.Ryback: All this guy needs is a real match. That's all the WWE has to give him, a real match with a serious opponent not some worthless jobbers. If WWE is going to use him in handicap matches only, have him beat a tag team like the prime time players or primo and epico. Also give him the mic, let him talk and see if he can wow us and let him show us what he's really got to be a WWE superstar. Thats the only way to go with him.

5.Jack Swagger: Jack has fallen off of the boat as of late. I thought, with him not being in the stable with Ziggler and Vickie anymore, it would really give him the chance to prove that he doesn't need anyone's help to be a success as he is a former WHC. With that being said, the WWE needs to put him on the mic and give him some more tv time to revamp hisself.

6.Damien Sandow: What the WWE needs to do with him is drop his horrible version of Triple H's blueblood greenwich snob act with a mixture of Jericho using big words and just give him a gimmick we can take seriously because it's already been done too many times. If they would drop this act with him I believe he could be his way to something big.

7.Drew McIntyre: A guy I talk about quite a bit. Mainly because he is a great talent being very poorly used. Drew needs to get on the ball again and show WWE what he is made of. So the next opportunity he gets he needs to make the most put of it. I think, WWE should also start him off in the tag team direction, with a partner like Miz,Barrett,Rhodes or even Ziggler. Just another heel that can help him get on his feet a bit. Then have him turn on them and become someone to be reckoned with.

Of course there are plenty more superstars to be reckoned with, but in my eyes these are just the ones who need the most work.

So any opinions?

Credit: this blog was requested from an anonymous RAW/Smackdown viewer.