Adam wilkinson

Woo Woo Woo! What did Zack Ryder do?

Did Zack Ryder piss on WWE Creative's CornFlakes?

Apologies for blatantly stealing a Bully Ray quote there, but with Ryder creating his own youtube videos, the Long Island Iced Z was about as well over with the fans as any babyface superstar could be, and it was all his own work. WWE was on the verge of releasing a potential money maker in the form of Zack Ryder before he showed how good he can be.

Gone were a lot of the Cena t-shirts on the kids WWE were aiming at and they were replaced with Shades, spikey hair wigs and "Broski of the Week" signs of Zach Ryder.

The Long Ialsnd Story was the biggest hit on Youtube for WWE, hell, Zach Ryder even won a match where he was voted the most popular trend on Twitter, before Ziggler stole the Slammy Award away.

Zack Ryder was well on his way to being one of WWE's top babyfaces. He could well have rivaled Super Cena regarding number of fans, easily, and so he should have. Granted that would have been because true wrestling fans think Cena sucks, but the point is Ryder was well on his way, so WWE stopped that nonsense.

When I was first thinking of this blog, I was going to go down the thought trail of maybe Zack was only pushed to increase Cena and Eve's characters. After all, Cena is back main eventing now and Eve was Big Johnny's Executive Administrator and is even being rumoured to be next GM. All the while, Ryder is now doing the job on RAW for Damian Sandow. I understand Sandow is being pushed and of all the people in MITB, he is going to be great and I probably wouldn't mind if he won, but why did Ryder have to do the job for him?

I suppose you could say the same about Swagger. Why did he have to do the job for a randomer like Tyson Kidd? Tyson Kidd is a great worker, but seriously? World Heavyweight Title match against Sheamus? Waste of time. No contest.

Granted, Ryder probably wouldn't win the MITB, but he would make it more entertaining. The fans still love him, despite WWE ttrying to make them forget him.

I have noticed though, that they have replaced Ryder with Santino a little bit. If you think about it, the Milan Miracle has his own programme on youtube, i.e. foreign exchange. He has the US Title Ryder had to kayfabe petition for, only to lose it straight away to Captain Boring.

Santino was already over with the fans and already had his own funny character gimmick, so why did he get pushed with the US title and youtube? He is already a former IC title holder and nearly Royal Rumble winner, so why have him take Ryder's place?

Ryder seems to be one of the many casulaties for the push of new talent, which to me seems unfair. This new creative idea of pushing younger and newer talent could have in my opinion been spearheaded by Ryder.

There would be more call from the fans for the Master of the hashtag #youknowit then there would be for Tyson Kidd. Again, Tyson Kidd does deserve a push, but not as much as Ryder does, I was just using Kidd as an example.

Hopefully, this downward slide down the WWE rankings is just creative having other ideas for Ryder, like a losing streak storyline like they had for The Miz, or a losing streak that leads to a heel push, at least then Ryder will be used for what he's good at, entertaining the crowd, getting a reaction, which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of the Bland Roster at the moment. If that is the case though, why would WWE change a winning formula? Ryder was getting over with the fans, we loved him.

I'm not saying Ryder should be WWE Champion yet or anything like that, plus it looks once again like the only titles being defended at MITB are the two big ones, as both other singles champs are in the match competing for the contract, as opposed to defending their own like they should be (way to go there, creative).

They should be having the IC or US titles defended against the likes of Ryder, who the fans would love to see with gold around his waist again, the fans would get right behind him and love it.

That would put the fan favourite, the Long Island Iced Z back on the map where he belongs, Woo Woo Woo, we all know it